Norman Quotes

Quote from Where No Dean Has Been Before

Adult Dean: Even though the term "cool" wasn't invented in the '60s, it was perfected then. It seems like everything was cool. Our cars, our fashion, our music. Even our White presidents were cool. But growing up then, you knew there was a big difference between who was cool and who wasn't.
[Students laugh as Dean falls off his chair in the cafeteria]
Cory: Sorry about Keisa, Dean.
Brad: Yeah, it stinks she has a new boyfriend.
Norman: Look at this way. She clearly likes cool dudes, so you never really had a chance.


Quote from The Lock In

Norman: Keisa or Lori. Keisa or Lori. Keisa, Lori. Ah, I want Lori.
Dean: [exhales deeply] Good choice.
Norman: She did four curl-ups on the physical-fitness test.
Cory: Whoa, man, that's three more than you.
Norman: Good point. How about...

Quote from The Lock In

Cory: What's wrong with you, man? Being with Charlene is a good thing.
Dean: How is it good?
Norman: Because women are complicated.
Cory: See, having a girlfriend makes other girls want to be your girlfriend.
Norman: See? Complicated.

Quote from Independence Day

Norman: The mall was so fun. The girls from the Catholic school were there, too.
Brad: We all met up in the parking lot.
Dean: Then what'd you do?
Norman: Just met up. I'd never seen them without their uniforms before.
Cory: They were naked?
Norman: No, dummy. They were wearing regular clothes. But maybe next time... Anything could happen at the mall.

Quote from Jobs and Hangouts

Dean: What are you guys doing here?
Hampton: You were bragging about how fun this place was, so we decided to join you.
Cory: Yep, and Norman's dad's apartment does not have gorgeous high school girls.
Dean: But they're my friends, and they're- They're way more mature than you guys.
Norman: So?
Dean: Not everyone loves jokes about passing gas, Norman.
Norman: Really? [Hampton nods]