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I'm With the Band

‘I'm With the Band’

Season 1, Episode 12 - Aired January 19, 2022

Dean is excited to be playing the State Fair with the school band, but after he loses his position as first chair saxophone, Bill piles the pressure on him to win it back.

Quote from Lillian

Dean: Mom, since the Fair's coming up and I have a solo in the concert...
Kim: When school lets out early, I'm going with Cassandra and Corynella.
Lillian: Well, don't you have a paper... [Dean clears throat] Forgive us, Dean. Please continue bragging about your solo.
Dean: I was hoping that maybe I could get a new shirt for the concert. Maybe a silk one. I want to look cool.
Lillian: First of all, you know you only get clothes at the beginning of the school year. Second... a silk shirt? Which one of the Pips are you replacing? [laughter]


Quote from Kim

Bill: Hold on, hold on. Maybe the boy has a point, Lil. This is their first time playing in front of real people who don't have to clap. Plus, he's got a solo. Boy's got to look sharp! I think I'll take you shirt shopping myself. How about that? I might even pick up one or two shirts, just in case I end up taking this tour.
Dean: Thanks, Dad. I want to look as cool as you.
Kim: Still gonna wear the glasses, though?
Dean: You're just jealous because the saxophone is way cooler than the stupid cello.
Lillian: The cello is not stupid. And, Kim, there's nothing wrong with your brother's glasses.
Bill: That's right. Cut it out, you two.
Both: Yes, sir.
Kim: And I only play the cello because Dad wouldn't let me play the saxophone when I was your age. He said that's how girls get pregnant.

Quote from Adult Dean

Adult Dean: Wow. Daddy was getting a chance to play on a bigger stage and so was I. The State Fair. It brought with it a half day of school for Fair Day and the best shows and rides you could imagine! One night, I saw a cow give birth and saw Cory throw up through his nose after riding The Enterprise five times. Hmm. Who were the real animals that night?

Quote from Dean

Adult Dean: Music was my only chance to be cool because, let's be honest, I wasn't cool in any other way.
Dean: [clears throat] [on the phone in a deep voice:] Hello. May I speak to John? [Cory chuckles]
Keisa: There's no John here.
Dean: Then do you pee outside? [Cory laughs]
Keisa: Dean?
Dean: Uh, who's Dean?
Keisa: I know it's you. You use the same voice when we imitate Mr. Roberts in art class. Remember? I taught it to you? Because my voice is deeper than yours.
Dean: [normal voice] No, it's not! [deep voice] Uh, I mean, who's Dean? [hangs up]
Cory: [laughs] Man, I told you that joke was no good.
Dean: Yeah, it was kind of a thinker.

Quote from Bill

Adult Dean: As bad as it was to be dethroned in such a public way, it was going to be much worse going shirt shopping with my dad and breaking the news to him... the ultimate musical alpha male.
Bill: Something like this is for when you're performing on the big stage. And this is more subtle, for like a smaller venue. Ahh, but this... See how it shimmers? It's great for catching the light.
Adult Dean: Enough stalling, Dean. It's time to face the music. Pun intended.
Dean: Uh, Dad, today in band...
Bill: Now these are show shirts. [chuckles] You could see me touring in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Mobile in this, right?
Dean: Uh, definitely. [Bill chuckles] Um, so, you know how I was first chair?
Bill: Mm-hmm. Ruffles and sequins? No good musician would ever wear either of these.
Adult Dean: And that's how years of music passed right over my dad.
Dean: [sighs] Um, so, something crazy happened in band today and...
Bill: This is it. It screams "Dean." Yep. Perfect.

Quote from Bill

Bill: I'm getting this for my son to perform a sax solo... At the State Fair.
Clerk: Oh, well, that sounds exciting. Good luck.
Bill: Imagine the lights shining down on you, playing your solo...
Dean: I'm second chair. I lost first chair.
Bill: I don't understand. What are you saying?
Dean: Well... Craig challenged me for first chair, and he just played so well. It was... surprising.
Bill: "Craig"? Sounds... Is he...?
Dean: White? Yeah. Go figure.
Bill: You know what? It's okay. I got you covered. I'll put together a practice schedule and we'll make sure you're able to challenge to get your chair back in time for the concert. [chuckles] We won't be taking this. [off Dean's look] What? This is a solo shirt. Not a "cat sitting next to the cat with the solo" shirt. [chuckles] In the meantime, I'll be taking these. You can put this back.

Quote from Keisa

Keisa: [sighs] Hey, Dean. Are you... okay?
Dean: I-I guess. Um, won't Charlene be mad if she knows you're talking to me?
Keisa: No. She has a new boyfriend now, so she doesn't care anymore.
Dean: Oh. Glad she doesn't still hate me.
Keisa: Oh, no, she still hates you. It's actually what she and her boyfriend bonded over.
Dean: He hates me, too?
Keisa: Don't overthink it. A bunch of us are gonna ride to the Fair on Fair Day. So you want to come...
Dean: Yes! Yes. Uh, since you really want to be my friend again.
Keisa: You mean because you just looked so pitiful after choking in band that I thought you could really use a friend?
Adult Dean: The fact that she was right made me feel even more pitiful. I would've played the "wah-wah" right now if I thought I could do it without choking. And if I played the trombone.

Quote from Adult Dean

Adult Dean: Growing up, our neighborhood was filled with all types of families that were well-known for certain things. But everyone knew that the Williams family was a musical family. We all played instruments. With a dad who was a music professor, we didn't really have a choice. I could play the scales before I could ride a bike. That was partly because I had the coordination of a bumblebee, but mainly because of my dad.

Quote from Dean

Bill: Dean's the other saxophone player in the family.
Duke: Really? Well, you gonna be onstage one day like your dad?
Dean: Well, actually, I'm about to play at the State Fair. Well, my school band is. But I'm first chair.
Duke: First chair. [chuckling] He's a regular chip off the ol' block, huh?
Bill: [chuckles] You could say that.
Dean: Yeah. Hey, Dad, they're paying us to play at the Fair, right?
Bill: [chuckles] Now you can really say it. [both laugh]

Quote from Bill

Lillian: Ooh, we can go shopping in Tuskegee.
Bill: You all think you're going, too, don't you?
Lillian: I don't trust those groupies.
Kim: Musicians are hot.
Dean: No school!

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