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Home for Christmas

‘Home for Christmas’

Season 1, Episode 9 -  Aired December 1, 2021

Dean is excited for his older brother to return from Vietnam in time for the holidays, but Bruce has difficulty adjusting to life back home.

Quote from Adult Dean

Adult Dean: But what if they were right? What if guys don't come back from Vietnam the same? The next morning, I decided I needed to pay extra-close attention to my brother. Never let him leave my sight, examine every word and action to make sure he's sane.
[As Dean reaches for the last rasher of bacon, Kim grabs it]
Kim: Ooh, I'll take that.
Bruce: Mm. I'll take that. [hands it to Dean]
Adult Dean: Bruce brought the balance of power back to the house. Nothing crazy about that.
[As Bill goes to reach for the last biscuit, Bruce grabs it for himself]
Bruce: I'll take that too.
Adult Dean: Nope, he was clearly bat[bleep] crazy.


Quote from Adult Dean

Adult Dean: Yep, that's an electric saw. It was 1968. There were a bunch of kids walking around missing a couple of fingers.

Quote from Cory

Dean: I don't know what you guys are talking about. That's just a movie.
Norman: Nope. Those guys don't come back the same.
Cory: He's right, Dean. My mama's cousin came back from Vietnam, and now everybody says he's on the junk.
Brad: What's "the junk"?
Cory: I don't really know. But whatever it is, it makes your grandma lock up her rings.

Quote from Dean

Bruce: Dad, can I borrow your car to run some errands?
Dean: Oh, uh, I'll go with you.
Lillian: You like running errands now?
Dean: Oh, you know me. I just love 'em.
Adult Dean: Of course I didn't, but I had to be careful what I said to my parents. The last thing I wanted was to tip them off that something was wrong with Bruce.
Dean: [shouts] He's got a knife! [normal voice] Which he's using to butter his biscuit.
Adult Dean: Or wrong with me.

Quote from Bruce

Lillian: Good luck.
Bill: Remember, firm handshake, look him in the eyes.
Bruce: Okay, Dad, I handled an M55 howitzer. I think I can handle a job interview.

Quote from Lillian

Adult Dean: In our family, eating in the dining room was reserved for special occasions, like holidays, or when Grandma came over and Mama had something to prove. Even more rare... my dad giving my brother a beer.
Lillian: Bill, the boy is only 20.
Bill: If he's old enough to fight for his country, he's old enough to drink.
Lillian: I guess you're right. Enjoy your first beer.
Kim: I think I'll have one, too.
Lillian: Uh, sit. You not ready for your first beer. [Bruce winks at Kim] I saw that.

Quote from Kim

Lillian: So, now that you're home, any plans for your future?
Bill: The coach at 'Bama State was dying to have you on the team before you went off to war. You should reach out. Might be a scholarship in it for you.
Kim: Speaking of Alabama State, there's a stop-the-war rally there tomorrow. You should come with me.
Bruce: So I can get booed and spit on by a bunch of kids who have no idea what I've been through? [awkward silence] [clears throat] So, uh, my sister's an activist now? Last thing I remember you protesting was your curfew. [laughter]
Bill: Stupidest signs I ever seen. [laughter]
Bruce: Well, I am proud of you.

Quote from Dean

Dean: Don't forget... We still have a lot of work to do if we want to fix up the treehouse by Christmas Eve.
Bruce: You still want to do that?
Dean: Of course. I mean, well, I'm too old for that stuff, but I'd hate to ruin our tradition.
Adult Dean: My brother and I had a longstanding tradition. We would sleep in our treehouse on Christmas Eve, hoping to catch Santa.
Dean: And I have some cool new ideas too, like, uh, we could build an observation deck so we can look at the stars together.
Bruce: I promise we'll get it done.
Kim: Mm, that sounds like the perfect Christmas activity... sleeping outside in the cold on rotten wood.
Bruce: Okay, hey. [laughter] I slept in a lot worse in Vietnam, like trees that didn't have houses.
Dean: Good. Then once we finish the treehouse, you can move out of my room and live up there. [laughter]

Quote from Brad

Brad: [whispering] Hey, Dean. Does Bruce seem normal to you?
Dean: Yeah, of course. Why?
Brad: 'Cause I just watched this movie on TV about this soldier who came back from the war. He was, like, psycho.
Cory: Yeah, I saw that one. That lady asked him how he wanted his steak, and he was like, "I want it... raw."
Brad: Yeah, yeah. And then he went crazy and stabbed everybody in the park.
Norman: Cool. I heard that was based on a true story.

Quote from Dean

Adult Dean: Ah, Bruce was taking too long. I tried to signal him with the bird calls we used when we played hide-and-seek against Kim.
Dean: Ca-caw, ca-caw! [imitates pigeon cooing]
Adult Dean: Nothing.
Dean: Quack!
Adult Dean: And my bird game was clearly strong, so I had to go see what was really going on.

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