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Green Eyed Monster

‘Green Eyed Monster’

Season 1, Episode 2 -  Aired September 29, 2021

As Dean struggles with feelings of jealousy after seeing Cory and Keisa kiss, the adults in his life assume he is emotional over the death of Martin Luther King.

Quote from Lillian

Lillian: Where do you think you're going?
Kim: I told you. Out.
Lillian: We just came from out.
Kim: Sitting in church, singing "Kumbaya" isn't gonna do anything, but this will.
Lillian: We're not letting you go to some riot. [telephone rings]
Kim: Rally!
Lillian: That's how all riots start. [Kim groans] Are you serious? I know you are not walking away from me while I'm talking.


Quote from Adult Dean

Cory: Can I come?
Dean: No.
Adult Dean: I didn't ride bikes with traitors.
Cory: Why not? And where were you this morning? I waited at the bus stop.
Dean: I don't know where I was.
Cory: Why are you acting so weird lately?
Adult Dean: I wasn't gonna show weakness and tell him what I saw. No. I was gonna deflect with the skill of a great litigator.
Dean: You're acting weird.
Cory: No, you're acting weird.
Adult Dean: Dang it! His litigation skills are as great as mine.

Quote from Dean

Mrs. Hodges: Dean, Cory, Keisa, may I see the three of you up front, please? [they step forward] You all know that talking during class is a demerit.
Dean: I'm sorry, Mrs. Hodges. I've just been really upset about Dr. King.
Mrs. Hodges: Oh, dear. I do understand.
Adult Dean: [chuckles] This was getting too easy.
Cory: It's hit us all pretty hard.
Adult Dean: It wasn't enough that he hijacked my girl? Now he was hijacking my "White Liberal Guilt" card?
Mrs. Hodges: I'm sure it hit you both equally hard. And you, as well, Keisa. In fact, I think I might have a solution. Why don't you all give a presentation to the class about Dr. King's importance? Help us feel your pain.
Dean: I- Is it okay if I do my own? It's just Dr. King's death was... so personal.
Mrs. Hodges: Of course, Dean.
Adult Dean: Nothing could hurt worse than working with them.
[fantasy: Cory and Keisa are sitting on a couch together. Keisa is knitting while Cory reads the paper and smokes a pipe:]
Keisa: Thank God we worked on that MLK presentation together all those years ago.
Cory: If Dean hadn't done his own project, I would never have proposed to you. [a number of children are playing on the floor]
Adult Dean: I was wrong. This hurt so much more.

Quote from Dean

Dean: It's wrong because... because friends shouldn't kiss each other.
Keisa: We'll do what we want to do. Right, Cory?
Cory: Uh...
Adult Dean: His silence said volumes. I heard enough. I had to strike first.
Dean: Fine! I don't care. I don't want to be friends with you guys anymore.
Keisa: Fine!
Cory: Fine!
Keisa: Come on. Let's go.
Dean: I don't want to see you ever again.
Cory: We still have three more classes together. And then baseball practice and then...
Dean: I said, "Fine!"

Quote from Bill

Lillian: Poor thing. Stayed up all night working on a presentation about Dr. King. It must be still eating him up inside.
Bill: I'll grab the fishing poles.
Kim: Actually, why don't you let me handle this one?
Bill: You? He's crying enough already.
Kim: I'll be nice.
Bill: Fine. Go ahead.

Quote from Kim

Kim: Dean, you want to go get ice cream?
Adult Dean: What?! Kim being nice to me just when I was at my lowest? There was no reason to be suspicious at all.
Dean: [car doors close] Yeah. [engine starts] I could go for some Rocky Road.
Kim: We're not actually getting ice cream, you drip. I just told Mom and Dad that so we could get out the house. They might not know how to help you deal with Dr. King's death, but I do.

Quote from Kim

Allen: All right, listen up. Someone tipped off the pigs that we'll be at the shopping center on Fairview, so be prepared for some company. Anyone with a car, go ahead and load up on signs. [Kwame removes a gun]
Adult Dean: Growing up in the South, I'd seen plenty of guns, but always in the woods. This was a city gun.
Kim: What's that for?
Kwame: In case we need protection.
Kim: I told you, no violence.

Quote from Dean

Adult Dean: Just as Kim had shown me that some relationships aren't worth fighting for, Mama and Daddy were showing me the kind that is, whether it's a family relationship or a relationship that's mattered to you since second grade.
Dean: I'm sorry I got so jealous. I'm sorry I acted like a jerk and embarrassed you in front of the whole history class.
Cory: Listen, Dean...
Dean: You have to accept my apology. This relationship is worth fighting for, even if that means I have to pretend to be happy for you and Keisa, even if...
Cory: Keisa said she doesn't like me.
Dean: She doesn't?
Cory: She said she only kissed me because she was so upset about Dr. King. I really thought she liked me, man. Well, now I know how you felt. I'm sorry.
Adult Dean: When I saw how sad and confused Cory looked, I didn't feel so bad about how I'd been acting the last few days. At 12, guys aren't supposed to know how to deal with that kind of emotion. Hell, I don't know if we ever know.
Dean: Hey, you busy after school?

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