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Quote from Dean in The Valentine's Day Dance

Dean: Kim, please promise that you won't do anything to embarrass me when my friend Keisa comes over.
Kim: Oh, it's that Keisa? Sure, I won't even mention you. I'll leave the embarrassing part up to you.
Dean: Great. Thanks.
Adult Dean: With Kim on my side now, I just had to ensure my home field was wiped clean of any other embarrassments...
like a naked photo of me as a baby. And another... Did my parents ever bother to dress me? Even the pictures I drew of myself were naked. What kind of a freak was I? [Dean sighs] Great. Nothing embarrassing left. [doorbell rings] [sighs] [Dean sees his underwear] Okay.
[Dean answers the front door:]
Dean: [sighs] Hey, Keisa. Sorry, I completely forgot you were coming. Uh, c'mon in.
Lillian: [o.s.] Dean! Why is your dinosaur underwear in the oven?!

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