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Quote from Dean in Green Eyed Monster

Adult Dean: I could see that Kim didn't want to show how scared she was. She wanted to impress Kwame and everybody there.
Dean: [coughing] Kim... [coughs] ... I have to go home. I forgot my medicine. [coughs]
Kim: Oh. Yeah. Dean needs his medicine for...
Dean: For... For my asthma.
Kim: Right. You have that asthma.
Kwame: Man, I told you not to bring the little sissy in the first place.
Dean: Hey, I'm not a si...
Kim: He is not a sissy. He was brave enough to come here. Now, are you gonna drive us home or what? [off Kwame's look] Forget it. Don't. We'll walk. Come on, Dean.
[After Kim and Dean walk out, Dean walks back to the room]
Dean: Hey! His real name... is Albert.

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