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Quote from Dean in Green Eyed Monster

Adult Dean: Just as Kim had shown me that some relationships aren't worth fighting for, Mama and Daddy were showing me the kind that is, whether it's a family relationship or a relationship that's mattered to you since second grade.
Dean: I'm sorry I got so jealous. I'm sorry I acted like a jerk and embarrassed you in front of the whole history class.
Cory: Listen, Dean...
Dean: You have to accept my apology. This relationship is worth fighting for, even if that means I have to pretend to be happy for you and Keisa, even if...
Cory: Keisa said she doesn't like me.
Dean: She doesn't?
Cory: She said she only kissed me because she was so upset about Dr. King. I really thought she liked me, man. Well, now I know how you felt. I'm sorry.
Adult Dean: When I saw how sad and confused Cory looked, I didn't feel so bad about how I'd been acting the last few days. At 12, guys aren't supposed to know how to deal with that kind of emotion. Hell, I don't know if we ever know.
Dean: Hey, you busy after school?

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