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Season 9, Episode 14 -  Aired January 31, 2013

Pam is furious when the mural she's been working on is defaced, so she teams up with Dwight and Nellie to exact revenge on the vandal. Meanwhile, Jim and Darryl get on each other's nerves in Philly, and Angela is upset when the Senator invites Oscar to Philip's first birthday party.

Quote from Kevin

Senator: Well, have we all calmed down yet?
Oscar: Yes. Sorry about that.
Angela: It was all my fault.
Senator: Let's all try to do better next time. Kevin, great to see you.
Kevin: Yeah. Thank you for the food. Oh, and also, you suck.
Senator: I beg your pardon.
Kevin: You are, like, a terrible person. These guys care about you and you're just using them. Again, the food was very good.


Quote from Pam

Pam: I was hoping for a righteous mob, and I ended up with Dwight and Nellie. But, they both have a mob mentality. And, I'm pretty sure Dwight has a pitchfork in his car.
Dwight K. Schrute: [enters quickly] You need my pitchfork?

Quote from Creed

Meredith: Yeah, and somebody had the balls to put my phone number on the men's room wall. Which is so messed up. It's 6782 not 83.
Creed: Uh, 6783's also a good time. Less mileage.

Quote from Erin

Pam: I have terrible news. Someone defaced my mural. They painted all over it.
Erin: I thought that's what you were doing.
Pam: Yeah, but this is different.
Erin: Oh. They used worse paint than your paint?
Pam: I don't think so, but they put paint where I didn't want paint. So...
Erin: I thought you wanted paint on the whole thing.
Pam: Different colored paint. I wanted different colored paint in the spots where they put their paint. So, it just is... Okay, the point is, these warehouse guys are vandals. And, they need to be stopped.

Quote from Erin

Nellie: Have you seen Darryl?
Erin: He's around here somewhere.
Nellie: Mmm. [exits]
[aside to camera:]
Erin: Yeah, Darryl's here. So is Santa Claus. It's just a regular Thursday. Neither guy is here. And, it's Friday. Welcome to me and Darryl's world of lies. Nobody knows it yet, but Darryl already started working in Philly. So now, he has to sneak out of here like the sneakiest little sneaky-sneak you ever saw. And I'm his helper. It's so fun.

Quote from Pam

Pam: I don't demand justice often. I'm not like Angela, who calls a lawyer every time someone watches a YouTube video of animals doing it. But, someone should get fired over this, right? Val's no help. Andy's gone. Jim's out. I just feel like I'm on my own here. [boom microphone bumps her head] I mean, okay, not completely on my own. But, in terms of people who can do something. Thank you, Brian.

Quote from Dwight K. Schrute

Pam: That sucked. He didn't apologize. There's no talking to that guy.
Dwight K. Schrute: Oh, your little feelings party didn't work out? Huh? Who won the hugging contest? No, let me guess. Everyone tied for first.
Pam: We should just take him down.
Dwight K. Schrute: Wait. Are you saying...
Pam: I'm saying we should go scorched earth on that guy's face.
[aside to camera:]
Dwight K. Schrute: Normally, I find Pam to be a comforting, if unarousing, presence around the office. Like a well-watered fern. But, today, she has tapped into this vengeful, violent side. And I'm like, wow, Pam has kind of a good butt.

Quote from Darryl

Jim: It's mine. Don't worry.
Darryl: I didn't say anything.
Jim: I don't think you had to.
Darryl: Excuse me?
Jim: I think you might be going a little crazy with this labeling thing, man. I mean, you put your name on a five pound bag of flour. Are you honestly saying that if I needed flour I couldn't use that?
Darryl: What you need flour for, Jim?
Jim: That's not the point.
Darryl: What? You making bread?
Jim: No, I'm not making bread.
Darryl: What kind of bread you making? Pumpernickel?

Quote from Jim

Jim: We are splitting a sublet on a place near Philly.
Darryl: Just a couple of grown, sexy-ass roommates.
Jim: And, as much as I miss Pam and the kids, it's, uh, kinda nice to live the bachelor life again. You know, let your hair down.
Darryl: Jim was nice enough to give me his bedroom.
Jim: I'm couching it!
Darryl: Which usually means there's clothes all over the living room.
Jim: And this dude labels his food. He's the clean one. And, I'm the messy one. How much fun is this?
[Darryl is silent]

Quote from Dwight K. Schrute

Dwight K. Schrute: Pam, I'll help you.
Pam: You will?
Dwight K. Schrute: If there's anything I hate worse than art, it's crime.
Pam: Thank you.

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