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The Lover

‘The Lover’

Season 6, Episode 7 -  Aired October 22, 2009

When Jim and Pam return to the office after their honeymoon, Pam is upset to learn about Michael's relationship with her mother.

Quote from Toby

Michael Scott: Hey, Toby, could I talk to you for a minute?
Toby: Yeah, sure, what's up?
Michael Scott: Um, I just wanted to apologize for taking that tone with you earlier. That was uncalled for, I'm sorry.
Toby: Um, yeah. Ah, that means a lot. Thank you for saying it.
Michael Scott: Can I sit down for a second?
Toby: Yeah, er, pull up a chair or sit on the shredder.
Michael Scott: This is gonna sound weird, but I think I may be the victim of a hostile work environment with this whole Pam situation.
Toby: Ah. You should probably deal with that outside of the work place.
Michael Scott: She brought it into the work place so I feel like it has to be dealt with here.
Toby: Okay, I mean, I could talk to her.
Michael Scott: Really? Would you do that?
Toby: Yeah. That's why they pay me the big bucks. [both laugh]


Quote from Jim

Jim: Hey, Pam, can I see you for a second? So, Dwight heard you were having a really rough day. So he generously offered to wash our car.
Pam: Aww, he did that for me?
Jim: Yes, he did. You know what was nice, nights swimming in Bayou bay.
Pam: Mmm.
Jim: Remember that older couple whose kids were also named Jim and Pam?
Pam: Yeah. Say more nice things.
Jim: Well, we went on a Segway tour and we're awesome at it.
Pam: Yes, we are.
Jim: And [silly voice] Frank and Beans!
Pam: Maybe I'm overreacting.
Jim: Yeah, maybe.
Pam: But I don't think I am.
Jim: You're not. Nope. Nope.

Quote from Ryan

Kevin: Oh, where'd you get that hat?
Ryan: I'd rather not say.

Quote from Michael Scott

Michael Scott: Is there someone there? Who is there? I hear voices, is somebody there?
Dwight K. Schrute: Yeah!
Michael Scott: Is someone here? I can't see you because I'm blind.
Dwight K. Schrute: Its Jim and Pam, Michael.
Michael Scott: [gasps] It is?
Dwight K. Schrute: Yeah...
Michael Scott: They're back? Oh! Oh! Oh, Pam! [reaching out with hands at chest level]
Jim: Nope.
Michael Scott: And oh, Jim.
Pam: Hi, Michael.
Michael Scott: Oh, I haven't see you since my accident that I had when I fell- I fell into the pool of acid, eyes first. Blind guy.

Quote from Michael Scott

Michael Scott: Blind-guy McSqueezy. How do I describe it? It is a character I've been workshopping whose lack of vision gets him into all sorts of trouble. The women in my improve class absolutely hate him.

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