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The Cover-up

‘The Cover-up’

Season 6, Episode 24 -  Aired May 6, 2010

As Michael basks in the glow of his new relationship with Donna, some at the office think she may be cheating on him. Meanwhile, Darryl pranks Andy by leading him to believe there's a cover-up going on at Sabre.

Quote from Creed

Andy: Creed's head of quality assurance. So he'd definitely be wrapped up in this.
[separately to camera:]
Creed: So there I am, minding my own business and Darnell offers me three bucks. All I gotta do is walk by Andy and go like this. [draws finger across neck] Darnell's a chump. I would have done it for anything. I've done a lot more for a lot less.


Quote from Stanley

Andy: Hey, Stanley. One of my clients just called and said that their Sabre printer started smoking and caught on fire.
Stanley: My doctor told me to cut out hot dogs. We all got problems.

Quote from Dwight K. Schrute

Dwight K. Schrute: Yeah, I'm good. Hey, you know an exercise for two people that uses the whole body?
Donna: [chuckles] Yeah, I think I know what you're talking about.
Dwight K. Schrute: Tractor pulling. Too bad there's not a tractor here.

Quote from Ryan

Kelly: Wait, that's crazy far. Are you sure she's not cheating?
Michael Scott: You know what, Kelly? This is the real world. Not The Real World: Scranton.
Kelly: Oh my God, this is super weird. When Ryan had two girlfriends, he used to take me to some diner in Hazelton just so the other girl wouldn't see.
Ryan: Some diner?! It was the Starlight Diner! It's in a LIFE magazine spread about Americana.

Quote from Michael Scott

Michael Scott: Well, that's easy for you to say. You have a bad imagination. It's stupid. I live in a fantasy world.
Jim: You do?
Michael Scott: Yes, Jim, I do. And I can't stay in a relationship that is full of lies and deceit.
Jim: But you didn't believe any of this was true five minutes ago.
Michael Scott: That's what makes it so wrong.
[aside to camera:]
Michael Scott: Ever since I found out that Donna might be cheating on me, I have not eaten or slept. This not knowing, that's what's killing me.

Quote from Darryl

Andy: [to Gabe] Let me know what they say.
Darryl: [puts newspaper down] Wow. That dude is good.
Andy: What do you mean?
Darryl: You didn't feel like he was hiding something?
Andy: I don't know.
Darryl: Like he was... covering something up? Maybe.
[aside to camera:]
Darryl: Two years ago, Andy blamed the warehouse for a late shipment that he forgot to process. We got yelled at pretty bad. Almost lost my job, and I was mad as hell at the time. But I said "Darryl, just wait. He's a fool. There's gonna be an opportunity. Just be patient."

Quote from Oscar

Michael Scott: And she won't say, "I love you."
Dwight K. Schrute: Oh, no.
Andy: How many dates have you been on?
Michael Scott: Nine dates. I said it on the second date.
Oscar: That seems quick. Even for lesbians.

Quote from Michael Scott

Michael Scott: Who enjoys the weekends? Of course. Now the weekend is always great if you have someone, which I do. I have Donna. She is hot. She has a Pilates butt. But we need to find something to do this weekend beside have sex. Did I say that? Yes, I did. And the reason you are here is that I need ideas for things that Donna and I could do on the weekend. So just shout it out.
Stanley: I have an idea for your weekend.
Michael Scott: Okay.
Stanley: Let me get back to my desk right now.
Michael Scott: Okay, you get out of here, big dog. [high-fives Stanley] Ah, no, no, no, no. You guys sit down. I need ideas.
Pam: Stanley got to go.
Michael Scott: Yeah, well, Stanley doesn't help with anything.

Quote from Ryan

Ryan: Does she keep her phone locked around you, Michael? Does she watch how much she drinks around you, Michael?
[aside to camera:]
Ryan: Does she leave the room when she takes phone calls? Does she keep perfume in her purse? Does she shower before sex? Does she shower after sex? Does she-
Michael Scott: Yeah, she does all that.
Ryan: Sorry, dude.

Quote from Pam

Pam: Michael, do not let your imagination run amok.
Michael Scott: Run what?
Pam: Amok. It means, don't let your imagination run out of control.
Michael Scott: Why didn't you just say that, Pam?
Pam: Michael, do not let your imagination run out of control.

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