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The Convention

‘The Convention’

Season 3, Episode 2 - Aired September 28, 2006

Michael and Dwight head to Philadelphia for a convention which Jim is also attending. Michael is still smarting from Jim transferring offices. Meanwhile, back in Scranton, Pam goes on her first date since breaking things off with Roy.

Quote from Phyllis

Phyllis: You should order the most expensive thing on the menu. So he knows you're worth it.
Stanley: If you do that, you're gonna have to put out.
Phyllis: Oh, yeah, you'll have to put out.


Quote from Angela

Angela: Is there a key for a Jane Doe? Thank you.

Quote from Jim

Jim: Dwight's room key. And Dwight's room. What can I say? Old habits die hard.
Angela: D?
Jim: Oh, my God! Dwight got a hooker! Oh, my God, I gotta call- Well, I gotta call somebody, I don't even know who to call. Dwight got a hooker!

Quote from Michael Scott

Michael Scott: I'm sorry, man, I'm sorry, it's- Hey, you know what? I will talk to her.
Jim: Nope, that's okay.
Michael Scott: Yeah.
Jim: No, that's all right.
Michael Scott: I will. I'll talk to her. You should at least talk to Roy, I mean, he knows exactly how you're feeling, just-
Jim: Yeah. Okay, maybe.

Quote from Kevin

Kevin: So did you hear?
Toby: What?
Kevin: Pam's back on the market again.
Toby: Really? She's dating?
Kevin: If I weren't engaged, I would so hit that.

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