Meredith Quote #101

Quote from Meredith in Promos

Dwight K. Schrute: [Phyllis rocks her chair into his provocatively] Seriously. Ugh. Okay, this is unacceptable. It's officially a hostile work environment.
Phyllis: Why?
Darryl: Somebody just needs to get her attention, tell her it's not okay to do this in public.
Pam: Be careful. I pulled my mom's dog off a pillow once, and I got bit.
Meredith: Just ignore her. Sooner or later she'll finish.
Group: Ugh. Ew. God.


 ‘Promos’ Quotes

Quote from Kevin

Kevin: This is a documentary? Oh, I always thought we were like specimens in a human zoo.

Quote from Meredith

Angela: There was much more secret filming than I expected. [laughs] But I am fine with it, I mean it. I am.
Oscar: Are you kidding me? It's like half the show is secret footage.
Meredith: I am a very private person. I show 'em when I wanna show 'em. Who wants a taste? [flashes camera] Boob sauce!

Quote from Stanley

Pam: Weird to see how we used to look in those promos. Some of us have changed so much.
Stanley: [eating soft pretzel] We've all changed.