Toby Quote #68

Quote from Toby in Michael's Last Dundies

DeAngelo: Every day, millions of Americans suffer from extreme repulsiveness. Someone in our midst, is bringing that problem to light. Toby Flenderson, please come up here and accept the Extreme Repulsiveness Award. Oh, that's so mean!
Michael Scott: No, it's not.
Oscar: It's his last Dundies.
Jim: You gotta play along, man.
Oscar: Come on, Toby.
Michael Scott: Here he comes. Alright, you deserve it!
Toby: I really disagree with this. I think it's kind of hateful. Though I am a little happy right now to have a platform to talk about the outcome of a case that I was recently a juror on: The Scranton Strangler. A man's being put to death. I was part of the verdict, and I'm not so sure he's guilty any more.


Features in the collection: The Scranton Strangler.

‘The Scranton Strangler’

Quote from Dwight K. Schrute in Ultimatum

Man: Next up, secretary Schrute will read the minutes from Sunday's meeting.
Dwight K. Schrute: Minutes from previous meeting of Knights of the Night. No, Jim, hey!
Jim: Oh.
Dwight K. Schrute: This meeting is for Knights of the Night only.
[later, to camera:]
Dwight K. Schrute: Knights of the Night are volunteer crime patrollers. We're often compared to the Guardian Angels, but we could not be more different from them. Seriously, we are nothing like the Guardian Angels. I mean, broad strokes purposes, sure. Think Guardian Angels. One of our many recent good deeds? We set out to capture the Scranton Strangler. Mission accomplished. Not by us.

Quote from Michael Scott in Classy Christmas

Michael Scott: Man, I worked hard. I worked so hard for this! I was after corporate constantly. I emailed Jo. I wrote letters. And, know who I end up owing this to is the Scranton Strangler. Thank you. Thank you, Scranton Strangler. I love you! You just took one more person's breath away.

 ‘Michael's Last Dundies’ Quotes

Quote from Michael Scott

Michael Scott: So that is how it ends. My last Dundies ever. I was hoping it'd be more like Godfather III. That wrapped up the whole franchise in an extremely satisfying way. But instead it is like Godfather I! That was very confusing, had maybe three big laughs. Oh, well.

Quote from Michael Scott

Michael Scott: The Dundies are my baby, and they need to go on. When Larry King died they didn't just cancel his show. They got Piers Morgan to come in, and do his show, and that way Larry lives on.

Quote from Andy

Andy: I mean, we actually all really wanna thank you, for everything.
Darryl: [starts playing the tune to Seasons of Love while Andy sits down]
Michael Scott: Oh my God, something's happening.
Andy: [singing] Nine million, nine hundred eighty six thousand minutes! We actually sat down, and did the math.
All: Nine million, nine hundred eighty six thousand minutes! That's how many minutes, that you've worked here.
Pam: In costumes!
Jim: And impressions!
Toby: In meetings.
Erin and Kelly: And cups of coffee.
Kevin: For birthdays!
Stanley: More meetings and-
Erin & Angela: E-mail forms you made us read.
All: Nine million, nine hundred eighty six thousand minutes! That's like watching Die Hard, eighty thousand times!
Meredith: You hit me with your car!
Ryan: You helped me get off drugs!
Creed: I watch you when you sleep.
Oscar: I forgive you for kissing me!
All: Remember to call.
Darryl: You've got to remember to call.
All: Remember to call.
Andy: Love is a gift from up above.
All: Remember to call.
Kelly and Erin: Text or call or e-mail or call.
DeAngelo: Measure... Measure your life in love!
All: Remember to call.
DeAngelo: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
All: Remember to call.
DeAngelo: Yeah, yeah. You've got to remember to call.
All: Remember to call.
[aside to camera:]
Michael Scott: [choked up] Yeah, okay. [pauses, then takes a deep breath] Well this is gonna hurt like a mother[bleep].