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Quote from Andy in Sabre

Andy & Erin: [singing, Andy playing guitar to the tune of Miley Cyrus's "Party in the USA"] Hopped off the train in Scranton, PA, another cloudy gray afternoon. Jumped in the cab, here you are for the first time, look to the right see the "Electric City" sign. This is gonna be good day, for Dunder Mifflin and Sob-ray. Sab- [guitar stops]
Michael Scott: Saber.
Andy: Saber. [sings] Dunder Mifflin and Saber. So yeah, yeah, yay, yay.
Andy & Erin: Dunder Mifflin is a part of Sob-ray. So yeah, yeah, yay, yay. Dunder Mifflin is a part of Sabre. [music stops]
Andy: You sure it's saber?


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Quote from Michael Scott

Michael Scott: I miss the old Dunder Mifflin. Too much change is not a good thing. Ask the climate.

Quote from Michael Scott

Michael Scott: There is a small part of me that is actually very excited about this new company. But 70 percent of me is water, and the other part - the real part - the part that has feelings and emotions and thoughts and makes decisions and, if I can be crass, makes babies, that part thinks that all of these changes suck ba-

Quote from Jim

Christian Slater: So you've just been bought by Sabre. You've probably got a lot of questions. Hi. I'm Christian Slater. What's it like to work for Sabre? Let's find out together. Working at Sabre means taking on the challenge of the road that rises to meet you. Sabre is respecting the past, but opening a window to the future. Have you ever tasted a rainbow? At Sabre, you will.
Jo: You'll find it easy to embrace the Sabre spirit. Welcome. We're very excited to go on this journey with you.
[aside to camera:]
Jim: [Christian Slater impression] So you've been shown a nonsensical video. You're probably wondering, "What's going on?" Well, you're not alone.

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Quote from Gay Witch Hunt

Andy: Big Tuna is a super ambitious guy, you know, cut your throat to get ahead type of guy. But, I mean, I'm not threatened by him. I went to Cornell. You ever heard of it? I graduated in four years, I never studied once, I was drunk the whole time and I sang in the a cappella group Here Comes Treble.

Quote from Finale

Andy: I spent so much of my time here at Dunder Mifflin thinking about my old pals, my college a cappella group. The weird thing is now, I'm exactly where I wanna be. I got my dream job at Cornell and I'm still just thinking about my old pals. Only now they're the ones I made here. I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them. ... Someone should write a song about that.

Quote from St. Patrick's Day

Andy: Erin and I have our first date tonight, and it has to be perfect. Why? Because according to How I Met Your Mother, that's the date that your kids are going to wait patiently to hear about, and you better have a good story for them.