The Office - David Quote #9

Quote from David in Broke

David: Hi, everyone.
Kelly: Hi.
Dwight K. Schrute: Hi.
David: Look, it's no secret-
Kevin: Hi.
David: Hello. Uh, it is no secret that Michael Scott has siphoned off a large chunk of our core business. And I'm here and I just want to reassure everyone that we think this is just a temporary setback.
Phyllis: Maybe, and I don't know, if you had just returned Michael's call, none of us would've lost clients.
David: I've been wondering that myself lately.


‘Broke’ Quotes

Quote from Michael Scott

Michael Scott: Hello. Michael Scott Paper Company to see Mr. David Wallace. I believe we're expected. Well, well, well, how the turntables...

Quote from Michael Scott

Michael Scott: There are certain defining moments in a person's life. The day he is born. The day he grows hair. The day he starts a business. And the day he sells that business back to Dunder Mifflin. What have I learned from all of this? It is far too early to tell. I am flying high and I don't even want to think about it. I just want to enjoy it.

Quote from Pam

Pam: When a child gets behind the wheel of a car and runs into a tree, you don't blame the child. He didn't know any better. You blame the 30-year-old woman who got in the passenger seat and said, "Drive, kid. I trust you".

David Quotes

Quote from Livin' the Dream

David: This isn't going to be an easy conversation. I told Andy that he was on very thin ice when he snuck away from three months to the Caribbean. Then last week he used company money to buy a top-of-the-line photo printer. In his words, "The kind that's good for head shots." And yesterday, he asked me to pay for cheek implants. Claimed it's gonna boost office morale. Now, he's a good guy. But honestly, at some point, the ice gets too thin and you fall through. And that is when you get fired.

Quote from Whistleblower

David: I may have heard from an old client, and I may have immediately started spreading the news to other clients and potential clients, yeah. But I'm not here to talk about that. I am here to talk about Suck It. Suck it-

Quote from Business Trip

David: I was happy to send Michael on this trip. He's been feeling pretty down since we had to transfer Holly up to New Hampshire and... But this little perk really seemed to turn him around. And it's pretty tough to find somebody who wants to go up to Winnipeg mid-November.