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Michael Scott: I mean, come on, Jan. What, it's a- You're dropping an A-bomb on me here.
Jan: [on the phone] Really? I'm dropping an atomic bomb on you?
Michael Scott: Well, yeah! I mean what is- What-
Jan: No, you can't. You already had a party on May 5th for no reason.
Michael Scott: No reason? It was the 05-05-05 party. It happens once every billion years.


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Quote from Michael Scott

Michael Scott: This is a little character I like to do. It is loosely based on Karnak, one of Carson's classic characters. Here we go. The PLO, the IRA, and the hotdog stand behind the warehouse. [opening an envelope] Name three businesses that have better healthcare plans than Dunder Mifflin.

Quote from Michael Scott

Michael Scott: And now, to someone who goes quietly about their job, but always seems to land the biggest accounts. The Busiest Beaver Award goes to Phyllis Lapin! Yeah! Way to go, Phyllis. Nice work, per usual.
Phyllis: This says, "Bushiest Beaver."
Michael Scott: What? I told them "Busiest." Idiots.
Phyllis: It's fine.
Michael Scott: Well, we can fix it. We'll fix it up. You don't have to display that.

Quote from Michael Scott

Dwight K. Schrute: And mine are at home in a display case above my bed.
Michael Scott: Yuck! TMI. TMI, my friends. [to camera] TMI? Too Much Information. It's just easier to say TMI. I used to say, "Don't go there," but that's lame.