Toby Quote #50

Quote from Toby in The Lover

Michael Scott: Hey, Toby, could I talk to you for a minute?
Toby: Yeah, sure, what's up?
Michael Scott: Um, I just wanted to apologize for taking that tone with you earlier. That was uncalled for, I'm sorry.
Toby: Um, yeah. Ah, that means a lot. Thank you for saying it.
Michael Scott: Can I sit down for a second?
Toby: Yeah, er, pull up a chair or sit on the shredder.
Michael Scott: This is gonna sound weird, but I think I may be the victim of a hostile work environment with this whole Pam situation.
Toby: Ah. You should probably deal with that outside of the work place.
Michael Scott: She brought it into the work place so I feel like it has to be dealt with here.
Toby: Okay, I mean, I could talk to her.
Michael Scott: Really? Would you do that?
Toby: Yeah. That's why they pay me the big bucks. [both laugh]


 ‘The Lover’ Quotes

Quote from Dwight K. Schrute

Dwight K. Schrute: I inserted a listening device into the belly of the mallard. Now I can observe Jim, trap Jim, and destroy Jim, just like in the Bavarian fairy tale. Only this time, the mallard skins the toad alive. And of course in this version you lose the whole veiled critique of the Kaiser thing.

Quote from Jim

Jim: Oh, so Dwight gave me this wooden mallard as a gift, and I found a recording device in it. Yes. So, I think if I play it just right I can get Dwight to live out the plot of National Treasure.

 Toby Flenderson Quotes

Quote from Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager

Toby: [excitedly] Oh, I should get the accident report binder. I've never used the gun violence forms before.

Quote from Pool Party

Oscar: Toby, what's compelling about this is the note of persimmon. Right?
Toby: Note? It's a symphony.
Oscar: Okay, you have to join my wine-tasting club.
Toby: I would love that.
[aside to camera:]
Toby: Toby, you are playing a dangerous game. Guess I'm through the gateway now, though, right?