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Season 8, Episode 3 - Aired October 6, 2011

After the warehouse guys win the Lotto, Andy struggles to get Darryl to hire a replacement crew. Meanwhile, Jim, Dwight, Erin and Kevin try their hand at warehouse work.

Quote from Kevin

Darryl: And did your brains tell you to ruin these boxes with grease?
Kevin: Okay, Darryl, listen and then you will understand. The boxes were ruined during our first trial testing so now it's cool cause we found another use for them.


Quote from Jim

Jim: Okay, alright, that's- Look. All we were trying to do is we thought we could come up with a more efficient way to do things.
Darryl: And?
Erin: And we did.
Jim: I don't know.
Erin: Jim, tell them what it's called.
Jim: That's alright.
Kevin: No, Jim, tell 'em what the name is.
Jim: Doesn't matter what the name is. Señor Loadenstein. That's stupid.
Kevin: [laughing] Señor Loadenstein. Tell 'em why it's called that, Jim.
Jim: That's okay, we're good.
Erin: Jim...
Andy: No, Jim. Tell us why it's called Señor Loadenstein.
Jim: Porque es muy rapido.

Quote from Pam

Pam: We came to an agreement. We're going to live in a stunning pre-war brownstone at the top of a mountain.
Jim: Right. It's city and country combined.
Pam: Just a subway stop away are the best museums in the world.
Jim: And I can fish right from the window of Pam's pottery studio. And we can chat any time we want.
Pam: Just like now.
Jim: Just like now. Too bad the schools are terrible.
Pam: Oh.
Jim: But what are you gonna do about that?
Pam: What are you gonna do?

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