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Season 8, Episode 22 -  Aired April 26, 2012

Andy causes a stir at a fundraiser sponsored by Angela's senator boyfriend, which Robert California and the Dunder Mifflin staff are also attending.

Quote from Kevin

Kevin: So Dwight doesn't understand silent auctions. I guess he's the stupid guy in the office, huh? Up till now, we didn't have one!


Quote from Kevin

Kevin: Sometimes I feel like every one I work with is an idiot. And by sometimes, I mean all times. All the times. Every of the times!

Quote from Ryan

Ryan: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Pam: Okay fine. Ryan, something the matter?
Ryan: Smokey's dead.
Pam: Smokey, the bear?
Ryan: Smokey Robinson, Pam. He died like an hour ago, I guess I'm the first to know.
Jim: Wow. That's terrible, I really liked him.
Ryan: Oh you liked him? That's nice. Did you like when he changed the course of American music like two or three times? Did you like that "Tracks of My Tears" is maybe the last true love song ever written? I'm glad you liked him Jim. I am completely devastated right now.
Jim: Well, I second that emotion.
Ryan: Huh?

Quote from Nellie

Nellie: I knew this would happen! Everybody told me if I moved to America, I'd be murdered.

Quote from Kevin

Kevin: My dog Ruby doesn't do anything. She just lays there all day. She's so chill.
Pam: What do you feed her?
Kevin: Well I put out Pro Bow-Wow, but she barely touches it. She's so dainty.
Darryl: Is she sick? How are her poops?
Kevin: Doesn't really poop. It's perfect, nothing to pick up. She just kind of lies there all day like a good girl. I put on the TV for her, but I have to prop her eyes open so she can see it.
Pam: Does she smell?
Kevin: She smells horrible. It's unbelievable. But I don't want to put her in the bath, because I'm afraid that she'll drown.
[back home:]
Kevin: People seem awful interested in you, Ruby. Guess they're just jealous, right! [dog licks Kevin's face.] Yeah, that a girl. That a girl. Man that stinks.

Quote from Robert

Darryl: Looking good, RC!
Robert: Ugh, I hate ties! I feel like I'm being strangled like I'm at some erotic asphyxiation sex club over on I-84. The Red Room, say? Or Dominick's?

Quote from Andy

Andy: Bobby! Bobbo! You're a rock opera guy, right? You like rock operas?
Robert: Well...
Andy: You gotta check out this thing I'm working on, it's really cool. There's this character Thomas Oregon, and he wants to destroy all the guitars in the world because he realizes that music is the one thing he can't control.
Robert: So, Thomas Oregon is an evil figure?
Andy: Evil! [chuckles.] Although he's humanized at the end because he weeps uncontrollably and pees in his pants.
Robert: And the hero, who is that based on?
Andy: Me, I guess. [singing] "We're flying so high, we're crackin' the sky! Gonna fly out of this dome my girlfriend and I!"
Meredith: Hey, Jabroni. Show some class.
Stanley: She's right, Andy. You're being a jabroni
Andy: You're being a Thomas Oregon!

Quote from Ryan

Nellie: I know a few of his songs, but what were his big ones?
Ryan: Oh God, Nellie! What wasn't his? I mean, um, "Tracks of my Tears"?
Nellie: Yeah
Ryan: Um... God, so many, Nellie!
Pam: No, no, no, "Tracks of My Tears" and what else? What are some more? What's one more?
Ryan: Okay, I'm not... I'm not playing this game, Pam. Not today.
Pam: I don't think you love Smokey Robinson. I think you're just doing all of this to prove how deep you are about music.
Ryan: Okay, I'm sorry I'm not a fan of Jason Mraz or the Beatles.
Dwight K. Schrute: You don't like the Beatles?
Ryan: That's- That's not the point!
Dwight K. Schrute: Eleanor Rigby? Paperback writer?
Ryan: Okay, you know, you always think you have time to see these legends before they go. What was I so busy doing?
Oscar: It says here this Smokey Robinson dead thing is a hoax. It's on CNN as of two minutes ago.
Ryan: Okay well, that's a relief!
Jim: Wow! Look at that! It says he's actually playing State College. That's only three hours away!
Pam: Oh my God, Ryan! That's perfect. You have to go!
Jim: Tickets are 250 bucks.
Pam: 250 dollars is nothing to the world's biggest Smokey Robinson fan.
Ryan: Yeah... Who's opening?
Jim: Paul Anka.
Ryan: Paul Anka?! How can they make the Smoke Man play with someone like that? I don't think I can see this.
Jim: Okay, you could just show up late though.
Ryan: How much is parking, like 30 bucks? That's not what Smokey would have wanted. Does want.
Pam: Tears of a clown!
Ryan: Don't call me a clown, Pam. You're better than that!

Quote from Nellie

Nellie: Call me a layman, but I wish there was some real food here. You know, like hamburgers... Or Oreos... Or a pizza pie or, um, what's another food that we like?
Darryl: Tacos.
Nellie: What I wouldn't give for a big mess of tacos right now!
Darryl: I can go get us some tacos.
Nellie: Brilliant!
Darryl: If you loan me some money.
Nellie: Yes, I can do that. For, um, for two tacos, we'd probably need about what 20... $20? Or $25? $20?
Darryl: $30.
Nellie: $30, yes!
[aside to camera:]
Nellie: I've never eaten a taco. I'm not entirely sure what they are. As long as they're not slimy, and please god don't let them have eyes!

Quote from Dwight K. Schrute

Dwight K. Schrute: I don't want to alarm people, but there is a distinct chance that we are all about to be killed.
Jim: Well, as long as you don't want to alarm people...
Oscar: What's going on?
Dwight K. Schrute: There is a disgruntled ex-employee sitting in his car in the parking lot.
Erin: Oh, that's Andy. He's just hanging out
Dwight K. Schrute: That's how workplace tragedies always begin. A middle aged white male "hanging out". Call the cops!

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