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Quote from Michael Scott in New Leads

Gabe: [on phone] Michael, we spent a lot of money on those leads. You have to give them out.
Michael Scott: Then we are just rewarding their bad behavior. Okay. Just... imagine that instead of going to jail for murdering someone, you got an ice-cream cone. If that were the case, then in the summertime, everyone would go around killing people for the pleasure of an ice-cream cone.
Gabe: Michael, I don't want to incentivise murder. But we've tried to make it clear that our policy emphasizes sales staff.
Michael Scott: They act like I have no power.
Gabe: But you do. You are in charge-
Michael: Thank you.
Gabe: of supporting the sales staff. You are required to hand out those leads, Michael.
Michael Scott: Hmm. Well, if that is what I am required to do, I will do exactly that.
Gabe: Okay, good.
Michael Scott: Exactly that.
Gabe: Good.
Michael Scott: Exactly that.
Gabe: Why do you keep repeating- [Michael hangs up]

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