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Quote from Michael Scott in The Surplus

Michael Scott: I have made my decision. We do not need a new copier. We do not need new chairs. [making a copy] This copier is working perfectly.
Oscar: That's the original.
Michael Scott: Pam, would you stand up for a sec? [sitting down in Pam's chair] See how relaxed I am? I like this chair. Offers good support. It is erkel-nomically correct. It's a good chair. I think we're spoiled because we don't appreciate the things that we have. You think kids in Africa have chairs? No, they sit in big piles of garbage.
Do you think they have copiers? They don't have copiers. They don't even- [standing up] God! They don't even have paper. And we are spoiled because we throw out perfectly good tiramisu because it has a little tiny hair on it. My point is this. I have seen the light in terms of what we need and it is nothing.

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