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Quote from Michael Scott in Branch Wars

Pam: I have Ben Nugent on the line, he is the top salesman in Utica.
Michael Scott: [on the phone] Hi Ben, Michael Scott.
Ben: Hi, Michael.
Michael Scott: I'm going to cut right to the chase here. Do you like magic? Because I'm a genie in a bottle, and I'm going to grant you 3 wishes: To move to Scranton, to have a great job, and to be my best friend.
Ben: Aren't you the guy that hit the woman with your car?
Michael Scott: [to Pam] Get out. [on the phone] Yeah. I also saved her life, but I guess that's not as grabby.
Ben: Everyone says Scranton branch is worse than Camden. Didn't everyone from Stamford quit, like immediately?
Michael Scott: No, I fired them, and you're next. So what do you say?
Ben: Seriously?

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