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Quote from Michael Scott in Broke

Michael Scott: How much can we afford to pay a delivery guy?
Finance Guy: Well, if these numbers are correct-
Michael Scott: They are correct, sir.
Finance Guy: Then you can't afford to pay him anything.
Michael Scott: Okay. A lame attempt at humor. Swing and a miss.
Finance Guy: Your prices are too low.
Michael Scott: Lowest in town.
Finance Guy: Why do you think Staples and Dunder Mifflin can't match your prices?
Pam: Corporate greed?
Ryan: Look, our pricing model is fine. I reviewed the numbers myself. Over time with enough volume, we become profitable.
Finance Guy: Yeah, with a fixed cost pricing model, that's correct. But you need to use a variable cost pricing model.
Michael Scott: Okay, sure. Right. So... Why don't you explain what that is to- So they can under - Explain what that is.
Ryan: Explain what you think that is.
Michael Scott: Just explain it.

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