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The Middle: The Table

604. The Table

Aired October 22, 2014

After Frankie and Mike's 20-somethingth anniversary slides by, they are both excited by the purchase of a surprisingly low-priced dining room table Frankie saw online. Axl and Hutch realize they need roommates to pay the bills in their house. When Darrin presents Sue with a necklace that is "the key to his heart", she realizes it's not the unique token of love she thought it was. Meanwhile, Brick begins hosting a podcast all about fonts.

Quote from Sue

Frankie: [v.o.] So, Axl and hutch had found the man of their dreams, but, sadly, the balloons Darrin had left in Sue's room had lasted longer than their relationship.
Sue: "I miss you, and I will not give up on us. As Ryan Gosling says in 'the notebook'... [door opens]
Darrin: I don't care what Ryan Gosling says.
Sue: Darrin?!
Darrin: I only care what you have to say, Sue.
Sue: [breathless] What I would have to say? What I say? Um, I-I would say that I love you and I am so, so sorry and you're the best sweater ever and... and... ah, I don't even know what I'm saying! I just want to hold you!


Quote from Brick

Cue Card Guy: [knocks] You're on in five, Jimmy.
Jimmy Kimmel: Will you give me a minute? I just lost my favorite font cast. The guy went out on top, too. So classy. [sighs] What is that, Helvetica again? What a surprise. You can't throw in any Century Gothic once in a while? What are we, animals?

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