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Stormy Moon

‘Stormy Moon’

Season 5, Episode 16 -  Aired March 12, 2014

Frankie is shocked when two police officers knock on her door, arrest her and take her down to the station over an unreturned library book. Sue has feelings of jealousy when Reverend TimTom returns with a new partner and girlfriend, Reverend Tammy (Casey Wilson). Meanwhile, Axl and Cassidy reunite over Spring Break but don't get around to talking about their future.

Quote from Reverend TimTom

Reverend TimTom: Oh, hey, there, Sue Heck.
Sue: Hey, Reverend TimTom. Hey, listen, do you think I could have a word with you?
Reverend TimTom: Well, sure thing. You know I always have time for you. Just not a ton of time. I'm running to a praise n' putt mini-golf fundraiser, but shoot.
Sue: Okay, ever since the jubilation celebration, I've been kind of worried, 'cause it just seems like why would you change something that's already working, 'cause I think teens count on a certain kind of consistency 'cause we have stuff getting thrown at us every day. Like last night, my mom got...
Reverend TimTom: You know, if this is about moms and teens, you are in luck, because Reverend Tammy happens to be an expert.
Sue: Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no. That's okay.
Reverend TimTom: Reverend Tammy?
Sue: No, no, no. Really, honestly, Reverend TimTom, we can just do it another time.
Reverend TimTom: Tammy, would you mind rapping with my pal, Sue Heck, here?
Reverend Tammy: Happy to lend an ear. Hi, Sue Heck. Timothy's told me all about you.
Reverend TimTom: Now, I'm gonna let you two pow-wow. You're in good hands, Sue Heck. And you, I'll pick you up later. [they kiss]
Reverend Tammy: Bye, babe.


Quote from Sue

Reverend Tammy: Wow. Your mom got arrested. I can see how you might be feeling upset.
Sue: No, that's not really it.
Reverend Tammy: Well, maybe you're just concerned about how your mom's feeling right now.
Sue: No, no, not really. No, that's not... Okay, fine. Whatever.
Reverend Tammy: Look, Sue, at my sleepover jams, after we have Savior S'mores, I get to rap with a lot of girls that are in the exact same position as you. And it's a really hard age, because there's so much changing in your bodies and at school.
Sue: Wrong. Wrong again.
Reverend Tammy: I think maybe you should just lay it out there and and try talking to your mom about how you feel.
Sue: Do you? Do you think that's what I should do? Maybe if you knew me for longer than a day, you'd know that that is actually the exact opposite of what I should do. Because, you see, that's sort of a piece of, like, general advice for general teens, but it's not really very Sue specific.
Reverend Tammy: Um, maybe I could better express myself through a song. Let's see. [plays guitar and sings] Mary had one son born on Christmas day She was hoping for a daughter But she didn't have much say.
Sue: All right! I'm gonna stop you right there. I'm sorry, but singing advice doesn't really work for me. I'm just not the kind of person who responds to singing as a way of solving your problems. So... yeah.

Quote from Mike

Mike: So, there's, uh, been a lot of late nights with Cassidy, huh?
Axl: [yawns] Yeah, I guess.
Mike: How's that going?
Axl: Fine. We're just having fun.
Mike: All right.
Axl: But the only thing is, we've been having so much fun, that we haven't really had any time to, you know, talk.
Mike: And the problem here is what?
Axl: Well, she's going back to New York tomorrow. I don't know if she wants to keep in touch and be, like, a thing, or if she's more, "That was fun. Have a nice life." I just don't know what she's thinking.
Mike: Who knows what anybody's thinking? Hell, I don't know if your mom still likes me.

Quote from Reverend TimTom

Reverend TimTom: Oh, Sue, don't you understand? Making you feel better makes me feel better. It's what I do. It's how I roll. And the fact that you're unhappy, that proves that you're not selfish at all.
Reverend Tammy: [enters] [plays guitar and sings] Oh, how I hate it when we disagree
Reverend Tammy: [plays guitar and sings] I don't want to be mad at you
Reverend Tammy: I don't want you to be mad at me
Both: Let's make up, let's make up Let's make up, let's make up
Reverend TimTom: [talks] You want to talk about feelings? I'll talk about them all day long.
Reverend Tammy: [talks] You know what? We don't have to. [sings] Let's just keep singing this song
Both: [sing] Let's make up, let's make up Let's make up, let's make up

Quote from Axl

Cassidy: Well, good-byes pretty much suck, so how about we just say "So long"?
Axl: I don't know. I've always been more of a "Happy trails" guy, myself. So, uh, we never really did get around to talking.
Cassidy: Yeah, we haven't exactly done that, have we?
Axl: No. [chuckles] We really haven't.
Cassidy: But I have a surprise for you. I painted you something, 'cause sometimes it's easier than talking. And it kind of says everything about how I feel.
Axl: Really? Oh, wow.
Cassidy: I know art's not your thing, but I kind of feel like I captured it. I mean, this is us.
Axl: Yeah. Obviously, you nailed it. Totally us.
Cassidy: You get it? I didn't know if you'd get it.
Axl: Of course I do. It's all there... in this painting right here. Oh! Wow. [they kiss]
Cassidy: Okay, then. Well, happy trails.
Axl: So long.

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