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Quote from Sue in Mommapalooza

Sue: Ugh! Come on, think, Sue, think! [sighs] [gasps] Wait! Ah. Oh. Oh!
Brick: "Sue Heck for Historian". "Sue Heck for Library Representative". "Sue Heck for Cafeteria Liaison"?
Sue: Yeah, I tried to create an office for myself, and I still lost to a write-in. Some guy named Joe Schmo.
Brick: How's this gonna help us?
Sue: We use the poster board to fix the wall. If we patch and paint it right, no one will ever know.
Brick: "Sue Heck for East Indy Student Council"?
Sue: Oh, that one's for next week. I really think I'm gonna get it.


 ‘Mommapalooza’ Quotes

Quote from Brick

Sue: Okay, so, what do we do? Dad didn't give us enough drywall to fix a hole this big. He's gonna freak out.
Brick: I'm not gonna lie. It's gonna be really rough for you.
Sue: Me? You're the one who did this.
Brick: Well, you're the older sister who left her little brother to do major home repair on his own. Besides, if Dad flips out, I can just play the quirk card. I shrug, I look confused, throw in a few whoops and whispers, lick something if I have to... I'm off scot-free.
Sue: Oh, my God. You're diabolical.
Brick: I am not diabolical. [whispers] Diabolical. [normal voice] It's so easy. [whispers] It's so easy. [normal voice] Okay, that one wasn't planned.

Quote from Mike

Mike: Swedish death cleaning?
Frankie: Yeah. Apparently, in Sweden, when you hit 50, you're supposed to start decluttering your life so you don't burden your loved ones with a bunch of stuff when you die.
Mike: I can't go back to the grocery begging for boxes again. Even they know you're never gonna clean.
Frankie: No, of course not. I'm saying, as I was watching it, it hit me... I'm that age. I'm the age where the Swedes want me to prepare for death.
Mike: Come on, Frankie. Last week it was the Greeks and eating more olive oil. [Frankie sighs] Why can't we just live like Americans and die with a garage full of crap?

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Quote from The College Tour

Sue: Hey, Dad... Why do you think the tour guide gave me all these brochures? There's a Cherokee weaving workshop, and here's one on the headdress exhibit at the art museum.
Mike: Hmm, that's weird. They didn't give that stuff to anybody else?
Sue: Mnh-mnh.
Mike: I don't know. It's not like you're Native American.
Sue: Yes, I am.
Mike: N-no, Sue. You're not.
Sue: Sure, I am. I mean, that's what I put on my forms.
Mike: What? Why did you do that?
Sue: 'Cause I'm a native of America. I'm a native American.
Mike: Sue, now they think you're Native American!
Sue: Right, a native American.
Mike: [sighs] Say, "I'm a native American."
Sue: I'm a native American. Oh! I hear it now. Well, what was I supposed to check? There was no other option that seemed right. It's not like we're "ca-kah-zee-an."
Mike: Actually, Sue, we are.
Sue: What?! Oh, my God, this is horrible! They're gonna think that I tried to pull one over on them, that I lied on my forms, and it says it's a felony to lie on those forms. Oh, my God! I committed a felony! [music box plays] [vomits]

Quote from Film, Friends and Fruit Pies

Mike: Hang on a sec. Where's all this money coming from?
Sue: Well, I've been using my Spudsy's money, and I popped all the quarters out of my 50 states collector's book, and I've been donating plasma. I'm not exactly sure what plasma is, and I don't know if you need it, but, from the way I've been feeling, I'm guessing you do.