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Quote from Mike in New Year's Revelations

Mike: Want to know what my dad got me? A trip with him in the car... destination unknown.
Frankie: That's weird, even for him.
Mike: He's probably going to drag me up to Canada to pick up some cheap arthritis medicine. Or, if I'm really lucky, he got a line on 50 old fax machines in French Lick. I'm going to take the boys with me in case it's something heavy.
Frankie: You're taking Brick to do the heavy lifting?
Mike: Eh, he can talk to my dad.
Frankie: You're taking Brick to talk to your dad?
Mike: Well, I can't make Axl go and not Brick. You're the one who's always telling me I got to treat them fairly.


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Quote from Frankie

Sue: Mom, I need to talk to you about the Sean thing.
Frankie: I didn't tell anyone. Okay, I did tell the receptionist at Curves, but she lives two towns over.
Sue: Wait, you went to Curves?
Frankie: Oh, no, I had to stop and get my I.D. made for this year. That way, I can park in their parking spot when I go to the donut shop across the street.

Quote from Big Mike

Big Mike: I've always been partial to this spot. This is where I asked your mom to marry me.
Mike: That's a great story, Dad, but what the hell's happening?
Axl: Yeah, Grandpa, are you sick?
Big Mike: Not yet, but it's just a matter of time. I'm sure the next few years are not going to be pretty, why belabor it? I'd rather just lie down, be covered by a blanket of snow, and just drift away.
Brick: But what if you're still alive in the morning?
Big Mike: Well, then, the next night'll get me for sure. Be a good boy and gather some leaves, make a death-pillow for Grandpa.

Quote from Sue

Frankie: Okay, start from the beginning. I want to hear everything.
Sue: Okay, well, I guess I've sort of always had a crush on him. That summer that he helped Axl paint the garage. Carly and I made them lemonade, like, every day. And I would always say, "Oh, do you want it tart or sweet". And Sean would say, "I want it sweet, just like you, Suzy Q".
Frankie: Aww!
Sue: But then I dated Darrin in high school.
Frankie: Ugh. I can say that now.
Sue: But over the past couple years, we've gotten to know each other more, and he is always so nice and he shows up when I need a date for things. And I never thought that he viewed me as more than a friend, but last night... we kissed. [ornament shatters] Oh, my gosh, are you okay?
Frankie: Yeah, just bleeding. Keep talking. I want to hear the details.
Sue: Okay.
Frankie: So how was the kiss? I've always imagined he's a good kisser... That sounds bad.
Sue: It was amazing! I don't even know how to describe it. Okay, remember when we were driving to Axl's baseball game and I saw a pack of baby deer running underneath that double rainbow? It was like that, expect Dad wasn't yelling, "We're not pulling over".