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Quote from Brick in Survey Says...

[Frankie comes in from work, drops her bag on the floor and lands on the couch with a sigh]
Brick: Oh, I need graph paper.
Frankie: What? Brick, I was just at Office Depot, getting a Snickers bar. You're telling me now?
Brick: Well, you coming home reminded me I needed you to go out.
Frankie: Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Brick: Why didn't you come home earlier? Look, we can argue all night about whose fault it is.
Frankie: It's your fault. You think I don't notice you raising the volume?
Mike: Yell quieter, and I won't have to.
Frankie: When's it due? [Brick is stumped] Come on! Stop with the volume.
Mike: All in your hands.
Brick: In my defense, I've only known about it for three weeks.


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Quote from Mike

Mike: You know when I was happiest? I mean really happy? When I was driving everybody. When they were small, and I'd be driving. Didn't matter where. It was just me at the wheel and you next to me and those three idiots in the back. And I knew everything was okay, 'cause I was driving. And I had it. I had everybody.

Quote from Brick

Brick: How many stars should I give this graph paper? A nine is extremely satisfied, but an eight is very satisfied. That's a pretty wide gap. They really should have half grades. Dad, what's it like to be extremely satisfied?
Mike: You're asking the wrong guy, Brick.
Brick: Okay, well, have you ever been very satisfied?
Mike: I'd be somewhat satisfied if you let me watch my show.
Brick: I just don't want to mess up here. The world is relying on my answers for their graphpaper-buying needs. "How does this graph paper compare with others?" That's like asking you to choose your favorite child.
Mike: That's not as hard as you'd think.
Brick: I need a second opinion here. I'm losing my mind. How does that feel?
Mike: Like paper.
Brick: How would you describe the weight of it?
Mike: Like paper.

Quote from Brick

Brick: I'm gonna give it a seven for comparability.
Mike: Okay.
Brick: You're comfortable with seven?
Mike: Yeah.
Brick: I'm gonna click it.
Mike: Please do.
Brick: Once I hit this button, that seven's written in stone.
Mike: Good.
Brick: You're being awfully cavalier.
Mike: Brick. [Brick clicks] Damn it.
Brick: I knew it. It's a six. Any idiot could see it's a six.