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Quote from Brick in Crushed

Frankie: So, listen. I e-mailed some of the parents in Brick's class... [Mike groans] And get this... they all said they were busy. Even Molly Murphy, and we used to be close. We made stone soup together when Brick was in the first grade. Well, she brought the potatoes and the carrots and the bowls, but I ladled. Anyway, I guess they're all in this big clique together, and now we're on the outside looking in.
Mike: Well, you tried. [turns the TV on]
Brick: [turns the TV off] What about Cindy's parents?
Frankie & Mike: Uh...
Brick: Why not? They're very nice people. I went away with them for that long weekend.
Mike: What?
Frankie: You did?
Brick: I brought you back that mug.
Mike: "Chicago, my kind of town."


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Quote from Mike

Mike: I've said it before... nothing good ever happens when you leave the house.

Quote from Cindy

Frankie: Hey, LuEllen. Nice to see you again. [chuckles] Looks like a beautiful day to travel. [LuEllen blanks Frankie]
Mike: Have a nice trip, Merv. Sorry we couldn't help you out.
Merv: Help us out?
Frankie: [sighs] Well, I guess we ought to separate Bogie and Bacall over there.
Mike: Okay, Brick. Wrap it up.
Cindy: Goodbye, Brick.
Brick: Goodbye, Cindy. [engine starts] I'll call you when I get there. [car door closes]
Frankie: [v.o.] Turns out, when Cindy's parents said they were moving away, they actually meant two houses away.
Mike: She never mentioned this to you?
Brick: We don't talk that much. [cellphone rings] Oh, I should take this. [answers phone] Hello? Hey, Cindy. She got there safe. [waves to Cindy]

Quote from Brick

Mike: What's with the hat?
Brick: Hmm? Oh, uh, I've been thinking, and I do want to do sports. I figured if I get started now, someday I could be a professional baseball man.
Mike: Really?
Brick: Oh, yeah. I'm passionate about it. I'm just gonna need some equipment... a glove, a bat, a Lenny Dykstra Wheeler Dealer automatic pitching machine with nine-hour battery. It's only $699.99.
Mike: Brick, every time we make toast, we take our lives in our hands. We're not giving $700 to a total stranger.
Brick: But that's what you're supposed to do. That's what Reverend Hayver says in church. You're supposed to give to the people that are less fortunate than you.
Mike: In our defense, they're hard to find.