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Quote from Sue in Thanksgiving VII

Sue: Yeah. Works for me. I can pick up some extra shifts at Spudsy's. The mall's gonna be open for 48 hours straight. Except they don't call it Thanksgiving anymore. Now it's called Black Friday Eve.


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Quote from Brick in Thanksgiving IV

Brick: This book is life-changing. Mom dropped me at the library to find the perfect holiday read, and out of nowhere, it just appeared to me. "The real true behind-the-scenes story of the making of Erich Segal's 1970's classic, Love Story."
Mike: Really? All the books they got in the library, and that's the one you picked?
Brick: Have you read it? It's fascinating. How did I go so long without finding this? It's a Thanksgiving gift, I tell you. A gift.
Mike: You know, the only thing that would have made that better is if strangers were here to see it.

Quote from Big Mike in Thanksgiving II

Mike: When was I supposed to know this? I only found out 'cause I went by the house to invite you to Thanksgiving.
Big Mike: Oh, no. You don't want an old man with a broken hip at your Thanksgiving.
Mike: That's true, but my wife does. Please, Dad. Please, please, please come to Thanksgiving.
Big Mike: Oh, I don't want to be a bother.
Mike: It's not a choice, Dad. The nurses say you gotta be discharged tomorrow, and they can't let you go home alone. Don't worry. We got TV and crummy food at our house, too.
Big Mike: You don't exactly roll out the red carpet, do you?

 ‘Thanksgiving VII’ Quotes

Quote from Frankie

Frankie: Okay, look. The potatoes were still kind of hard. This can just be our little secret. Nobody out there needs to know. Believe me, two years ago when I worked the squash harvest, this thing was a lifesaver.
Sheila: [gasps] You've done this before?
Frankie: Look, if anybody sees me, I'll just tell them that my cousin from the Louisiana territory just invented it. The great inventor Hosiah... Newton-John.
Sheila: My soul would die at the thought of people getting anything less than the authentic experience they paid $8 for. They did not pay to have somebody cut corners.
Frankie: Well, guess what. Historically, I come from a long line of corner-cutters, so cutting corners now is actually me being authentic. So there.

Quote from Brick

Mike: See, in a real game, we don't see each other's cards, so you can pretend that you have a really good hand and the other guy might believe you and quit.
Brick: You mean lie? That doesn't seem very sporting.
Mike: Well, it's called bluffing, and it's part of the game. So, now I'm gonna deal a hand where I can't see your cards. So I'm not gonna be able to help you. You're on your own.
Brick: Ooh. [puts pretzels in the pot] I have a great hand. [whispers] I'm bluffing.
Mike: Okay, our problem here is that you have what we call a tell. And your tell is that you... tell.
Brick: Mm.
Mike: So we're gonna have to work on that. [Brick eats a pretzel] You're eating money.

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Quote from The College Tour

Sue: Hey, Dad... Why do you think the tour guide gave me all these brochures? There's a Cherokee weaving workshop, and here's one on the headdress exhibit at the art museum.
Mike: Hmm, that's weird. They didn't give that stuff to anybody else?
Sue: Mnh-mnh.
Mike: I don't know. It's not like you're Native American.
Sue: Yes, I am.
Mike: N-no, Sue. You're not.
Sue: Sure, I am. I mean, that's what I put on my forms.
Mike: What? Why did you do that?
Sue: 'Cause I'm a native of America. I'm a native American.
Mike: Sue, now they think you're Native American!
Sue: Right, a native American.
Mike: [sighs] Say, "I'm a native American."
Sue: I'm a native American. Oh! I hear it now. Well, what was I supposed to check? There was no other option that seemed right. It's not like we're "ca-kah-zee-an."
Mike: Actually, Sue, we are.
Sue: What?! Oh, my God, this is horrible! They're gonna think that I tried to pull one over on them, that I lied on my forms, and it says it's a felony to lie on those forms. Oh, my God! I committed a felony! [music box plays] [vomits]

Quote from Film, Friends and Fruit Pies

Mike: Hang on a sec. Where's all this money coming from?
Sue: Well, I've been using my Spudsy's money, and I popped all the quarters out of my 50 states collector's book, and I've been donating plasma. I'm not exactly sure what plasma is, and I don't know if you need it, but, from the way I've been feeling, I'm guessing you do.