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Quote from Tag in Two of a Kind

Tag: Geez, I'm sorry I'm not helping, but this damn arthritis in my hip.
Mike: No need to explain why you're not helping, Tag. You set the bar pretty low.
Tag: Hey! Rug on a rug. That's like a deathtrap. And move that ottoman there. He'll trip right over that thing.
Dutch: [enters] Hello, Heck family. [chuckles] Uh-oh. Rug on a rug... that's a deathtrap. [scoots around the rug]
Frankie: Uncle Dutch! [both laugh]
Tag: Here's your cane, Mike.


 ‘Two of a Kind’ Quotes

Quote from Brick

Dutch: But, you know, back in my day, all you needed was an idea to go into business. Today, you need an idea and more degrees than a thermometer.
Brick: That's just crackers on butter.
Dutch: [chuckling] Exactly. What... crackers on what?
Brick: Butter. I decided to make up my own idiom. You see, normally, you put butter on crackers, but this is crackers on butter. It means something doesn't make any sense. I'm really hoping it catches on.
Dutch: That's great, Brick. You're an idea man.

Quote from Frankie

Frankie: Look, Mike, you know I've had a pain in my heart that my dad and his brother have had this rift. And now he's reaching out to him after all these years. You know I always say "you do for family." Well, do before they're dead. That's my new one.

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Quote from Flirting with Disaster

Tag: I wish I could get some onion rings, but I don't eat 'em anymore. I never can wait for 'em to cool and they burn my mouth. Ah, what the hell? This time will be different.

Quote from Flirting with Disaster

Mike: All right, uh, "How many feet do you have to signal ahead of turning? 50, 75, or 100?"
Tag: Fif... [Mike tilts his head] Sev... [Mike shakes his head] 100.
Mike: Right.
Tag: Ha! We got that one locked. [chuckles]
Mike: "When you see a pedestrian using a white and red-tipped cane, they are usually..."
Tag: A gay. [off Mike's look] What? What do they want to be called these days?
Mike: It's a blind person.
Tag: Blind and gay? It's gotta be tough.