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Quote from Mike in Operation Infiltration

Mike: What's it say? What's it say?
Sue: Uh... I don't know. Is this for one year or four years? Oh, my God, how can I go to college if I can't even figure out the financial-aid letter?! [breathing heavily]
Frankie: I see room and board. I see tuition.
Mike: Yes. They're giving us everything we needed! We're poor!
Sue: Whoo!
Frankie: [laughs] Yeah! We did it! Oh!
Sue: Whoo!
Frankie: I told you we were poor enough. I never stopped believing.
Mike: You know, if we'd have worked a little bit harder, none of this would be possible.


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Quote from Frankie

Brick: You signed up to chaperone the field trip to the robotics exhibit in Indianapolis on Saturday.
Frankie: Mm, that doesn't sound like me.
Brick: Yeah. Remember back in September when I asked you?
Brick: Do you want to do the back-to-school breakfast next week?
Frankie: Ew. No.
Brick: Halloween party?
Frankie: Negatory.
Brick: Thanksgiving feed the homeless?
Frankie: Too soon. Don't stop till you hit April. You want to do one of the later ones, so when the school runs out of money, they cancel it.

Quote from Rusty

Mike: Wow. Our old room!
Rusty: He hasn't changed anything from when we were growing up. All this time I've been staying in the tire room, I could have been living here. My dirt! [laughs] Ah, you remember when Pet Rocks took off? Ah. I thought pet dirt would be right behind it. That's seven years of my life I'd like to get back.
[Mike moves a bag to reveal a poster of Farrah Fawcett]
Mike: There she is!
Rusty: Oh, man. That's when pointies meant something. Ha. Now you see them everywhere.

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Quote from Not Your Brother's Drop Off

Mike: How you doing balancing the checkbook?
Sue: Well, I must have done it wrong. I have your balance at minus $11.
Mike: No, you did it right. It's us who did it wrong. [Frankie and Mike high-five]

Quote from Film, Friends and Fruit Pies

Mike: Sue, you got to come clean. You're too young to be in debt. It's different for us. We have a long-range financial plan where we die before we have to pay anybody off. But you don't have that cushion.