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Quote from Sue in The 100th

Mike: [answers phone] Hello. What? Oh, hang on. Sue. Did you sign up for the Orson Float Committee?
Sue: No. Are they looking for people? Ooh! I'll do it! I'll do it! I'll do it! I can totally do it. Please, please, please, please, please! I can be on it!
Mike: Wait, what? Okay. It's not for you.
Sue: Wh- I didn't make it? Is there an alternate squad? Is there a waiting list? Ooh, is there a Clean-Up Committee? 'Cause I have Clean-Up-Committee experience, you know?


 ‘The 100th’ Quotes

Quote from Brick

Announcer: [v.o.] And here comes an original Orson fire truck from 1927. And riding atop, that's our Orson motto contest winner, Kristen Rice.
Audience: [chant] "Orson: why not?" "Orson: why not?"
Brick: People, please. Don't you see what's happening? This is the dumbing down of America. We have to live with this motto for the next 100 years. What will future generations think? Do we really want this motto? Is this the legacy we want to leave our children?
Football Player: Free t-shirts!
Brick: Oh, sure, grab them up just 'cause they're free. Just 'cause it's on a t-shirt doesn't make it right! [catches a T-shirt] Shoot, I'm a sucker for a good font. Curse you, Sans Serif. [whispers] Sans Serif.

Quote from Brick

Brick: Mom, Dad, I'd like you to listen to my top 100 slogans for the Orsontennial.
Mike: What's the first one? That's my favorite.
Frankie: What's this for, anyway?
Brick: It's a contest sponsored by the city. The winner gets to ride in the parade on an old-timey fire truck, and the best part is, your motto becomes the town's motto for the next 100 years. [clears throat] "Orson: 100 years of fun." "Orson: you don't look a day over 99." "Orson: all-new people every 100 years." [doorbell rings]
Axl: I got it!
Brick: "Orson: 100 years of moderate progress."

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Quote from The College Tour

Sue: Hey, Dad... Why do you think the tour guide gave me all these brochures? There's a Cherokee weaving workshop, and here's one on the headdress exhibit at the art museum.
Mike: Hmm, that's weird. They didn't give that stuff to anybody else?
Sue: Mnh-mnh.
Mike: I don't know. It's not like you're Native American.
Sue: Yes, I am.
Mike: N-no, Sue. You're not.
Sue: Sure, I am. I mean, that's what I put on my forms.
Mike: What? Why did you do that?
Sue: 'Cause I'm a native of America. I'm a native American.
Mike: Sue, now they think you're Native American!
Sue: Right, a native American.
Mike: [sighs] Say, "I'm a native American."
Sue: I'm a native American. Oh! I hear it now. Well, what was I supposed to check? There was no other option that seemed right. It's not like we're "ca-kah-zee-an."
Mike: Actually, Sue, we are.
Sue: What?! Oh, my God, this is horrible! They're gonna think that I tried to pull one over on them, that I lied on my forms, and it says it's a felony to lie on those forms. Oh, my God! I committed a felony! [music box plays] [vomits]

Quote from Film, Friends and Fruit Pies

Mike: Hang on a sec. Where's all this money coming from?
Sue: Well, I've been using my Spudsy's money, and I popped all the quarters out of my 50 states collector's book, and I've been donating plasma. I'm not exactly sure what plasma is, and I don't know if you need it, but, from the way I've been feeling, I'm guessing you do.