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Quote from Sue in The Guidance Counselor

Jane Marsh: So, Sue... What kind of counseling can I guide you with? Uh... peer pressure? Uh... low self-esteem? Eating too much... Not eating enough... Sneak eating?
Sue: No. No, no, no. None of that. It's just... High school is a lot harder than I thought it would be.
Jane Marsh: Oh. Dyslexia?
Sue: No, thank you.
Jane Marsh: See, it's just I thought it would be a lot different, so I tried out for a bunch of stuff, but I never make anything... So I made my own thing: Wrestlerettes. But then the season ended, but it got me this boyfriend, but then he moved away, but then we promised to keep our love alive, and then we didn't. And now I-I'm not even in the yearbook. It's like my whole year didn't happen. It is soul-crushing.
Jane Marsh: Let me tell you something, Sue. You may not know to look at me now, but I know what it's like to feel like you don't exist.
Sue: Really?
Jane Marsh: A bunch of years ago, I was a student here, too, and nobody knew who I was, either, and I was the only Black kid! And to make matters worse, I had braces. Overbite-crossbite.
Sue: Me, too! Oh, well, now it's an underbite-overbite. They overcorrected.


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Quote from Mike

Salesman: Now let's get you two out of here. I'm sure you're busy. Would you like the extended warranty?
Mike: No.
Salesman: Assembly and delivery for $50 is usual-
Mike: No.
Salesman: Old mattress removal?
Mike: Nice try, but no.
Frankie: Let me save you some time. It's all "no." This is exactly how he was with the doctor, and that's why he got the-
Mike: Frankie!

Quote from Brick

Frankie: I made dinner.
Brick: Hang on. I'm on hold with the President.
Frankie: How's the bed looking?
Mike: Like it's still in the box. Sue, pass the chips. Brick, come on. Dinner.
Axl: He's holding for the President. He thinks he can talk him out of the Fitness Challenge.
Brick: Great. I'm being transferred to the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. [whispers] Tobacco.

Quote from Mike

Frankie: You always do this, Mike. I try to change the slightest thing, and you go nuts, like when I switched ketchups. It's just ketchup!
Mike: The old ketchup was good. I was happy, something you'll never be because you're never satisfied... And you're always running around changing stuff.
Frankie: You know, when I told Nancy Donahue that you didn't want to get a new bed...
Mike: Why are you telling Nancy Donahue anything?
Frankie: Because she's my friend. If it were up to you, no one would know anything personal about us.
Mike: That's why they call it "personal"!