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Quote from Mike in Leap Year

Frankie: If it's no big deal, why can't you tell me? What's going on?
Mike: Nothing. It's just... There's... There's this cat at the quarry's been sick, so I've been looking after him. It's not a big deal. Go to bed.
Frankie: Wait, wait, wait. "A cat"? What do you mean, "a cat"? I don't understand. You have a cat?
Mike: He's not my cat. It's... Just a cat that comes by. Yeah, I took him to the vet, but...
Frankie: You're taking a cat to the vet? Brick didn't poop for three weeks. You didn't notice.
Mike: Well, Limestone's been pretty sick.
Frankie: You named him?
Mike: I didn't name him. I just call him that.


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Quote from Frankie

Frankie: Hey, Brick. Oh, shoot. They forgot yours. Mm. Well, here. Have two fries. Use extra ketchup so you get your vegetables.

Quote from Sue

Frankie: Here it is.
Sue: [gasps] Patchwork cake. I saw this on Cake Boss! [screams] Aah!
All: [sing] Happy Birthday to Sue Happy Birthday to Sue Happy Birthday, dear Sue Happy Birthday to Sue.
Frankie: Don't forget to make a wish.
Sue: What could I wish for? I got everything I ever wanted.
Frankie: [v.o.] God bless Sue. As I looked at her blowing out the bathroom candle on her patchwork car wash cake, I felt like sometimes I didn't deserve her. But the good thing about having somebody that optimistic in the family is that her optimism rubs off on all of us.

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Quote from Not Your Brother's Drop Off

Mike: How you doing balancing the checkbook?
Sue: Well, I must have done it wrong. I have your balance at minus $11.
Mike: No, you did it right. It's us who did it wrong. [Frankie and Mike high-five]

Quote from Survey Says...

Mike: You know when I was happiest? I mean really happy? When I was driving everybody. When they were small, and I'd be driving. Didn't matter where. It was just me at the wheel and you next to me and those three idiots in the back. And I knew everything was okay, 'cause I was driving. And I had it. I had everybody.