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Quote from Sue in Valentine's Day III

Frankie: Sue, are you okay?
Sue: No, not at all. All of a sudden, Matt's turned into the world's worst kisser.
Frankie: What do you mean?
Sue: Out of nowhere, he puts his... his tongue... into... my mouth. Oh, my God. What is that? Who does that?
Frankie: Well...
Sue: I can't help but feel bad for him. It's like he totally forgot how to kiss. I mean, what place does a tongue have in kissing? What should I do? I mean, I don't want to embarrass him, but he has to be told. [gasps] Wait. I think I saw something on on how to tell your boyfriend he's a bad kisser. I'm gonna go check it out.
Frankie: [v.o.] I really need to talk to Sue more.


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Quote from Sue in Life Skills

Sue: You know, I went on and took the "Rate Your Assignment Partner" quiz, and you are a "severe collaboration limitation."
Axl: With no due respect, I disagree.
Sue: I thought you might say something like that, so I also ranked you on the sibling scale, and guess what? You're a "bummer brother." So... yeah.
Axl: Whatever. This whole thing is lame. Except kitchen floor hoops, which I just invented, and is totally awesome.
Sue: I know you fancy yourself some kind of rebel, Axl, but sometimes in life, you just have to follow the rules. I put on sunscreen an hour before going outside. I wait till the bus comes to a complete stop before standing. You don't think I would love to fill up on bread? I would. But that's not how the world works. The rule of this project is that you and I take the allotted two weeks and do it together. And that's just what we're gonna do, mister. 'Cause a "D" might fly in Ax Land, but it doesn't work in Sue City. And not the one in Iowa. The one right here.

Quote from Sue in The Second Act

Jenna: Hi. I'm looking for...
Sue: Sue Heck? Well, look no further, 'cause you found her. I'm your mentor! [screams]
Jenna: Hey. Great to meet you. Jenna Taylor.
Sue: I know... Which is why I "Taylor" -made this binder for you. "Sue's tips for Sue-cess." Sit. This is chock ful of inside scoop to help you get through your freshman year. Notice I did not call it "frosh" year. Nobody calls it "frosh." I learned that one the hard way. So how about we dive right in? We have... Stuff to try out for, locker room dos and don'ts, funny things to say when you fall down the stairs.
Jenna: Wow. There lot more to try out for than in middle school. Pretty exciting.
Sue: It's incredibly exciting. Don't expect to make anything. As a freshman, that's off the table. But it's still good to try so you can, you know, get your face out there. And this is for you to keep.
Jenna: Wow. Lucky my mom bought me the big backpack.
Sue: Now we should probably talk at least three times a day. This is my cell. If I don't pick up, don't worry. My battery charger is on the fritz, and they discontinued it and the phone, like, 11 years ago. But if you're ever in a bind and you can't get ahold of me, is an excellent resource for all of kinds of advice. It's kinda my Bible.

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Quote from Axl

Axl: [recording] This is my brother, and he's been very sick for a long time, with a horrible disease. Despite all the "Walks for Hope" and "Fun Runs," there is, as yet, no cure. [Brick coughs] This has been such a life-changing event for me, his brother, Axl Heck, Mrs. Johnson's sixth-period English.
Brick: It's the not knowing that's the hard part. Oh, and the dying. Actually, they're both hard.
Axl: I have to give my brother all these medicines every day.
[shot of a table containing over-the-counter products like Tums, Gas-X, Pepto Bismol, Midol, Bengay, Flintstones Gummies and Pez candy]
Brick: If I could give any advice, it'd be live, love, laugh.
Axl: Some would call it burden to care for a brother so sick with this horrible disease. I call it life-changing.
Brick: I just hope I can one day frolic in the sea. That's all. One day. In the sea.
Axl: So friggin' life-changing.

Quote from Frankie

Brick: Hey, what are you guys doing for Valentine's Day? Maybe I could write my paper about that.
Frankie: That'd be one sad story... 'Cause we're not doing anything, right?
Mike: I didn't plan anything. I-I guess I could plan something. I will... if you want me to.
Frankie: I don't know. I guess, if you want to.
Mike: Do you want to go to dinner or something?
Frankie: Nah, lot of people, long wait... Movie?
Mike: We'll fall asleep. We could do that at home for free.
Frankie: How about we just stay home? We know we love each other. We don't need to shower and put on control top pantyhose to prove it.
Mike: And since it's Valentine's, I can bring home a bucket of chicken... Unless you want candy or flowers or something.
Frankie: Eh, waste of money. Just the chicken's good. We'll eat in our sweats and fall asleep in front of the TV.
Mike: Sounds like a date.
Frankie: Wait. You're gonna want to watch sports.
Mike: Separate rooms?
Frankie: Done. Bucket of chicken, sweats, TV, separate rooms. [they high-five] Yeah, ooh, we still got it.

Quote from Brick

Brick: Guess I'm hitting the Internet. Is your parental control password still "1-2-3-4"?