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Frankie: Well, good news. I got hired as an old wife down at Heritage Village. Minimum wage and all the fresh eggs I can carry.
Mike: Okay.
Frankie: Come on, Mike. You froze me out last night. You froze me out this morning. We're not rich enough to get a divorce, so we're gonna have to have a fight.
Mike: What do you want me to say?
Frankie: I don't know. Whatever you want. You say I was stupid, I'll say you're right. You say, "Who the hell signs a credit card slip without looking at it?" I'll say, "I know. I thought it was 20 bucks." "Yeah, that's not the point, Frankie. $20 is too much to pay for 3 ounces of some stupid eye cream that we don't need." "You don't think I know that? They got me at a weak moment. I was tired." "Yeah, when aren't you tired?" "Oh, that is low. I bought it to look good for you." "Baloney! You bought it for yourself." "I said I was sorry, Mike." "Yeah, well, 'sorry' isn't gonna fix it." "Stop yelling at me!"
Mike: I think I've said all that needs to be said.


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Quote from Frankie

Mike: What you doing?
Frankie: What does it look like I'm doin? I'm rocking a piece of our grandchild.
Mike: Hey, listen, uh, sorry I hung up, but, uh, Bob got back on the truck...
Frankie: You know, Mike, whatever. I've been trying to talk to you all week, and you just froze me out, and now I'm just too tired. I am selling cars, I'm dyeing wool... Obadiah wants me to take a job as a schoolteacher, because there's a drought, and the corn isn't gonna save us this year. Even in my second job, I have to get another job! I have two lives in two centuries, and they both suck. Would you rock the head?
Mike: What?
Frankie: I'm trying to stop this. I can't find the sensor. I'm rocking the torso. Please just rock the head. I mean, I thought that if I got a second job, you would see how sorry I was and you would forgive me. But no, I make a mistake, and it doesn't matter what I say or what I do, you want to stay mad, so go ahead and stay mad at me!

Quote from Mike

Mike: I'm not mad you made a mistake. I'm mad because we can't afford to make a mistake.
Frankie: What?
Mike: You think I like it that 200 bucks sends us over the edge? Or that at this point in our lives, we gotta have four jobs just to stay poor?
Frankie: It does suck when you say it like that.
Mike: I mean, damn it, we should have some kind of cushion so we can make a mistake every once in a while. Or at least fix the kitchen table. Didn't we have plans for this place? Instead, here we are, with the same crappy carpet and the busted garbage disposal. The only room we've redone is Sue's. [baby doll part vibrates] Oh, there it goes again.
Frankie: Oh, keep walking. My half likes the walking.
Mike: I guess I just hoped we'd be farther along at this point. That's all.

Quote from Frankie

Frankie: Axl, your backpack is crying.
Axl: Ugh! Again? I gotta take care of this stupid baby thing for a week for health class. They said they'd teach us about Sex Ed. What do babies have to do with sex?
Frankie: They ruin it.