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Quote from Rusty in Thanksgiving II

Mike: What the hell happened?
Rusty: Huh? Oh. Well, you know how it is with the economy.
Mike: The economy burned down your house?
Rusty: Well, no, that was, uh... That was a massive fire.
Mike: Why didn't you call me?
Rusty: Are you a fireman?
Mike: I'm your brother, for God sake. How'd this happen?
Rusty: Eh, well, I was, uh, runnin' the hot plate about four weeks ago, and I noticed one of the cords was frayed. I kept telling myself, keep your eye on that. But wouldn't you know it? I fell asleep facedown with a cigarette in my mouth. I blame myself partially.


 ‘Thanksgiving II’ Quotes

Quote from Rusty

Rusty: [to Aunt Edie] No kidding? You're still driving? Well, that's just terrifying. [both laugh] You know, you're eating butter, by the way.

Quote from Big Mike

Mike: When was I supposed to know this? I only found out 'cause I went by the house to invite you to Thanksgiving.
Big Mike: Oh, no. You don't want an old man with a broken hip at your Thanksgiving.
Mike: That's true, but my wife does. Please, Dad. Please, please, please come to Thanksgiving.
Big Mike: Oh, I don't want to be a bother.
Mike: It's not a choice, Dad. The nurses say you gotta be discharged tomorrow, and they can't let you go home alone. Don't worry. We got TV and crummy food at our house, too.
Big Mike: You don't exactly roll out the red carpet, do you?

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Quote from Hoosier Maid

Rusty: Now, listen. I got something that'll solve this whole deal. We send all the old people to war. We need somebody to fight the wars, and old people, they need something to do. They're gonna die soon anyway. This way, they go out with a real sense of purpose.
Mike: Yeah. We're not sending Dad to war.
Rusty: Well, I don't see any other option.
Mike: Really? You don't see any other option?
Rusty: Look, we'd all like to think peace would work, but I don't see it happening in our lifetime.

Quote from Risky Business

Mike: We don't have to stick to just sports. It works with any rivals. You could do dogs and cats, Republicans and Democrats.
Rusty: Pope and Anti-Pope.
Mike: I'm not sure the Pope has a natural enemy.
Rusty: How about a bobcat?
Mike: Hmm. I don't think so.
Rusty: If you have a bobcat, you know he's going after a pope if he has the chance. And vicey-versey. [Mike gives Rusty an exasperated shrug] Should we press pause on the diapers and really focus on this Pope v. Bobcat stuff?
Mike: Let's get this going and then maybe look at that farther down the line.
Rusty: Yeah. The thing is, this Pope/bobcat thing is itching at my brain. And in my experience, that means bub's a winner.
Mike: I'm not angry, but I-I need you to not say "bobcat" again.