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Quote from Frankie in TV or Not TV

Frankie: Wait a minute. This is part of his plan. Turn us against each other so we lose track of time.
Steve: Yeah, that's my plan.
Steve: Look, here's the thing. Spend less, cut back, pay off your debts. Seven of your credit cards have doubled their rates. Pay them down.
Frankie: Okay, wait a second. I have one really important question. What if we...? [timer dings] Never mind.


 ‘TV or Not TV’ Quotes

Quote from Frankie

Mike: How in the world do you justify spending the money on cable?
Frankie: Because I thought we agreed to spin the wheel. You know, go for what we want and take the risk that it'll all work out. I thought we were both spinners, Mike.
Mike: Oh, that's just great. Sue's gonna be a model, and Axl's gonna be a rock star, and some miracle is going to fall into our lap and solve all our financial problems, so let's just get TV. You're delusional.
Frankie: Well, you're un-American.
Mike: What?
Frankie: That's right. Because real Americans are raised on instant gratification, and the optimism that if they mess up, things will somehow all work out. That's what makes America great. How sad to be you. In your dark, little no-TV world.

Quote from Frankie

Steve: All right, long story short, you're spending more than you earn. So we need to find places you can cut back. So we're looking for unnecessary expenses.
Frankie: Okay, okay. Category is unnecessary expenses. Insurance, phone. Mike, help me.
Mike: Gas.
Frankie: Heat, cleaning products...
Mike: Gas.
Frankie: Said that already.
Mike: Orthodontist.
Frankie: Nice.
Steve: No, those are necessary expenses.

Quote from Frankie

Steve: We're looking for extras. You know, things you could do without.
Frankie: [sighs] Oh, God, there are none. We've already cut back on everything. Steve, come to our house. There's nothing good there.
Steve: Well, how about that $3 coffee in your hand? How often do you get that?
Mike: Every day.
Frankie: Not very oft... Are you on my team here or not?
Steve: Times five days a week times 52 weeks a year. Hey, that's $750 right there.
Mike: Hoo.
Frankie: He buys imported beer.
Mike: Imported from Ohio. Thanks, pal.
Frankie: You started it. Add that. Go ahead, add that, Steve. Add the beer.
Mike: She buys pop at the drive-thru even though we have pop at home.