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Quote from Brick in The Block Party

Frankie: I just feel like I've slacked off. I used to try and set up play dates for them, but I ran through every boy in the neighborhood.
Boy #1: I like juice.
Frankie: You do? Hey, well, Brick likes juice too. [Brick stares up at the ceiling] Don't you, Brick? Look at that, two juice-loving boys.
Boy #2: Your move.
[Brick is reading a book so Frankie rolls the dice for him]
Frankie: Ooh, Brick's catching up. [moves Brick's token] Going up the ladder. Good fun, huh, boys?
Brick: I like juice too.
Frankie: Hope you like mint chocolate chip... [Frankie sighs as Brick is hiding under a blanket] Brick? What are you doing? You have a friend over.
Brick: I just want a little privacy. That kid is weird. [whispers] Weird.


 ‘The Block Party’ Quotes

Quote from Brick

Mike: I wasn't sure I was going to get the whole thing back together, and then Brick here came in and just... Brick, tell them the first line on page 26.
Brick: To adjust levers, stop engine and disconnect the nut from the shifter yoke. [whispers] Shifter yoke.
Mike: [chuckles] How about that, huh?
Spencer: What's the last line on page 50?
Brick: Attach the cotter pin and brake spring to the locknut before installing it in the brake lever assembly.
Frankie: [v.o.] I couldn't believe it. Brick was actually having a conversation with the Harrison boy, and dare I say it, making a friend.
Spencer: What's on page...?
Brick: Okay, I'm done talking to you now. [walks away]
Frankie: [v.o.] Baby steps.

Quote from Mike

Frankie: I think what my husband and I are wondering is why? Why does he have a hard time making friends?
Mrs. Tompkins: Oh. Who can say why anyone does anything?
Mike: You're supposed to for 500 bucks.
Frankie: Mike, let her finish.
Mrs. Tompkins: Oh, I'm done.
Mike: Let me tell you something. Brick is the happiest kid I know. Sure, he whispers to himself. Sure, he showers sitting down. [Mrs. Tompkins clicks her pen] Maybe he licked the car once or twice. Hey, don't write that down.

Quote from Mike

Mrs. Tompkins: Brick's teachers referred him for Waterman-Ginsberg testing because they observed that, although very bright, your son struggles socially. In layman's terms, he has a hard time making friends.
Mike: We needed some $500 test to tell us? I could've told you that for free.
Frankie: Mike, let her finish.
Mrs. Tompkins: Thank you. The test revealed that Brick is slightly challenged in his ability to establish appropriate peer connections.
Frankie: I see.
Mike: He has a hard time making friends.
Mrs. Tompkins: Exactly. So there you have it. [Mike sighs]