Axl Quote #11

Quote from Axl in The Trip

Mike: I don't know what to tell you, Brick. Women are complicated. They're not simple and straightforward like us guys.
Axl: Yeah. I only got two thoughts in my head, driving and sex. [off Mike's look] Oh, grades. I mean, driving and grades.


 ‘The Trip’ Quotes

Quote from Frankie

Frankie: I have got to fix this. Sue has to stand up for herself. If this isn't worth the fight, Mike, I don't know what is. Hey, Sue! Get in here! You know what this is? A teachable moment. I saw that on Oprah. Or Project Runway or something. I don't remember, but it's teachable.

Quote from Mr. Ehlert

Sue: Hi, Mr. Ehlert. Would you like to help...
Mr. Ehlert: No. Frances, you forgot to make coffee again. You got me walking like an idiot with a donut and nothing to dunk it in.
Frankie: Mr. Ehlert, how come I'm the one who's always asked to make the coffee? I'm beginning to think it's because I'm a woman.
Mr. Ehlert: Heh, of course it's because you're a woman! The day I start telling men to make coffee for women, you have my permission to put a bullet in my head. [chuckles]

Quote from Sue

Frankie: [v.o.] Unfortunately, I could believe it. This was Sue's whole life in a nutshell. She tries and tries and never gets any recognition. It's like people don't even see her.
[flashback to a teacher taking attendance:]
Teacher: Sue Heck?
Sue: Here.
Teacher: Sue Heck?
Sue: Here.
Teacher: Okay, not here.
[flashback to the cafeteria:]
Cafeteria Worker: Pizza or fish?
Sue: Pizza, please. [he puts fish on her tray] Oh, okay.
[flashback to Sue's classmates singing Happy Birthday to her in class:]
All: [singing] Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday dear... [all mutter indistinctly] Happy birthday to you [Sue sighs]