Mr. Ehlert Quote #7

Quote from Mr. Ehlert in The Floating Anniversary

Mr. Ehlert: I'm about done being Mr. Nice Guy. The month's almost over and sales are... What in the name of good God Almighty is that?
Bob: It's a houseplant.
Mr. Ehlert: A houseplant? This is not your house. How many times have I told you? No bringing personal items into work.
[As Mr. Ehlert lectures his staff, Brick walks into the dealership in his pajamas.]
Mr. Ehlert: The only thing any of you need to be worrying about taking care of is me. You don't need a houseplant stealing your focus... from what you should be working on, selling cars.
[Brick grabs a donut from the counter behind Mr. Ehlert]
Bob: I'm sorry, sir. I'm not thinking clearly. I gave blood this morning.
Mr. Ehlert: Well, don't do it again.
Bob: It was very selfish of me, sir.
[Brick grabs a newspaper from the table]
Mr. Ehlert: Did they give you a cookie? [Bob hands his cookie to Mr. Ehlert] Thanks.
[Brick walks out of the dealership with a donut and a newspaper]


 ‘The Floating Anniversary’ Quotes

Quote from Mike

Mike: Happy anniversary.
Frankie: Oh, honey. I don't have anything for you.
Frankie: [v.o.] I had long ago learned not to get Mike presents.
[flashback to Mike holding a "Sort 'N Save Home Coin Sorter":]
Mike: What the hell is this? What'd you give me this for? I mean, thanks, but... What'd you spend on this? You got the receipt, right?

Quote from Frankie

Frankie: [v.o.] And as for Mike and I...
Mike: Happy?
Frankie: Yeah.
Mike: Route 33 Motor Lodge?
Frankie: Never disappoints.
Mike: And the remnant?
Frankie: It's so beautiful.
Mike: No natural fibers.
Frankie: It's a shame we have to take it home and let it get all covered with... life.
Mike: You're right. I think we need to take 15 minutes.
[Frankie and Mike place their carpet down in the middle of a park and lay down. As they do so, a couple of kids ride over it and leave dirty bike trails on the freshly-cleaned carpet]
Frankie: [v.o.] This isn't the easiest phase of life. You've got young people and old people pulling at you from both directions. But it's not so bad as long as you've got somebody in there with you. And that's something you gotta remember to celebrate.

Quote from Frankie

Frankie: [v.o.] The problem is, I had to work that day. But when you're a working mom, you gotta get creative.
Frankie: Okay, there's ginger ale in the cup holder. If you need anything, honk twice.
Brick: I wish I could stay home and watch TV and have you make me soup.
Frankie: Oh, sorry, honey. Wrong family.
Brick: Is it against the rules for me to be here?
Frankie: Of course not. Just keep your head below the window.