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Ovary and Out

‘Ovary and Out’

Season 8, Episode 13 - Aired February 7, 2017

Frankie is down in the dumps after her doctor informs her she is no longer able to have children, so Mike tries to cheer her by looking after the neighbor's baby for the night. Sue and Axl are uneasy when Lexie and Sean Donahue hit it off. Meanwhile, Brick meets a worthy opponent when a rush of newcomers join his font club.

Quote from Mike

Mike: [answers phone] Hi, honey.
Sue: Hey, Dad. Is this a bad time?
Mike: No. Matter of fact, it's a good time.
Sue: [exhales sharply] Well, I've been thinking. I think I need to put myself out there a little more. Like, I don't know, there's this one guy that I like, but I think he might just see me as a friend.
Mike: Well, I don't know if you need boys to be anything more than friends... ever.
Sue: Ha ha. Anyway, he drives this safety cart around school, and he's super nice.
Mike: Okay, well, I like safety. Safety cart sounds good.
Sue: Yeah. I know. Me, too. And if you come...

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