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Season 2, Episode 6 -  Aired October 27, 2010

Frankie wants Mike to dress up in costume when they're invited to a neighborhood Halloween party. Meanwhile, after Sue's plans for the night fall through, she ends up at a church event where she runs into Reverend TimTom again.

Quote from Sean Donahue

Axl: It's- It's stuck in the mud. We're gonna have to get out and push.
Sean: I'm sure that guy who killed those teens Is probably gone by now.
Axl: All right. Ready? [something hits Axl in the face] Oh! Kill it! It's a bird, and it's trying to fly in my hair! [Sean and Darrin jump around in fear] Aah! Get it off of me! Get it off me! It's trying to fly in my hair! Aah! Aah! Oh, my god! Aah! Aah! Get it off me! No, no, get it off me! [realizes it's a paper bag] Oh. My bad. We're good!
Darrin: We got this.
Sean: Totally under control.


Quote from Mike

Frankie: Aah! Why don't you get it? I just want to have a good time.
Mike: Who's stopping you? Go! Have fun.
Frankie: I wanna have fun with you, Mike! You should be happy. 17 years. I still want to have fun with you. [Mike walks onto a lawn]
Frankie: Wh-what are you doing?
Mike: Nothin'. [takes out a roll of toilet paper] Just havin' fun. [throws toilet paper]
Frankie: [gasps] Mike! This is the Donahues' yard. They're our friends!
Mike: Yeah, I know. They're also sort of annoying. That's what makes this fun. Are you fun or not?
Frankie: But they're home! So we have to be quick.
Mike: I'll get the tree. You get the bushes.
Frankie: Give me another one.

Quote from Sue

Reverend TimTom: [plays guitar and sings] Anything can happen You never know what's gonna come Anything can happen For anyone
Sue: [bumps into a boy] Oh. Sorry.
Boy: That's, uh, that's a nice costume. Do you, uh... Do you want to kiss?
Sue: Uh... Okay. [they kiss]
Reverend TimTom: [sings] See the stars at night Anything can happen
Boy: Do you- Do you want to go again?
Sue: Okay.

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