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Great Heckspectations

‘Great Heckspectations’

Season 9, Episode 20 -  Aired May 1, 2018

Frankie pushes Brick to ask Cindy to go with him to the prom so he won't miss out on a key high school event. Meanwhile, Lexie talks Axl into giving Sue a belated 21st birthday present.

Quote from Lexie

Lexie: I smell like unlimited baked beans and my feet are killing me.
Axl: Rough day at the Cattle Prod?
Lexie: They had a special... four steaks for $8. I had a party of eight people, so I ended up carrying a tray with 32 steaks on it. Well, 29 after I slipped on that puddle of Thousand Island.
Axl: Well, allow me to be the first to welcome you to the world of poorness and its never-ending string of crappy jobs.
Lexie: It's just having a job makes you so busy. I can't do anything I want to do anymore, like gold-dust facials, or closing my eyes and ordering things off Amazon just to see what I get.


Quote from Frankie

Mike: Whoa, easy there, girl. Save some for the rest of us.
Frankie: I think Taco Jason's is under new management. There's something different about their tacos. I think they're skimping on the mayonnaise. Here, try it. Oh, wait. I know what it is. It's not fake cheese anymore. I liked the fake cheese. It made the fake beef taste like real beef.

Quote from Frankie

Frankie: So... what's the plan for tomorrow?
Brick: What do you mean?
Frankie: For prom! How are you gonna ask Cindy?
Brick: Oh. I was gonna say, "Cindy, do you want to go to prom?"
Frankie: [sighs] Wrong. Look, I'm on Facebook all day at work so I can see what everybody else's kids are doing. You can't just ask her, you gotta do a promposal.
Brick: You know, normally I enjoy a good portmanteau, but I gotta say, that one just feels a little forced.
Frankie: No, it's fun! You gotta be creative, like filling Cindy's locker with something.
Brick: Shrimp?
Frankie: I was thinking more like roses. Oh, I saw this one where this guy got all his friends to lie down on an empty football field and they spelled out "prom" with their bodies, and they video'd the whole thing with a drone and then they showed it on the scoreboard at halftime.
Brick: I wish I could've just been punished.

Quote from Brick

Frankie: Sooo? How'd we do?
Brick: Not good. She said "no." [gulps]
Frankie: What? I don't understand, it was such a good idea.
Brick: Was it, Mom? Was it?

Quote from Sue

Sue: [whispering] Axl. Hi, Axl. Axl. Axl. [Axl wakes up with a snort] [normal voice] Hi. Good morning. Okay, so I'm super excited about my birthday experience, but I have a few questions... What do I need to wear? Are there water elements? Do I need to wear a bathing suit under my clothes? Are there fluffy animals to pet? Also, do I need to bring my chigger spray in case we're gonna roll through the grass?
Axl: Uh... there's still a few things to sort out. I'm gonna make a few phone calls. But it's definitely happening this Saturday.
Sue: [gasps] Saturday is great. What time? 9:00? 10:00? 11:00? 12:00? 1:00?
Axl: Stop!
Sue: It's at 1:00? I love 1:00.
Axl: Okay, I don't really think I should say much more 'cause I don't want to spoil it.
Sue: That is a great idea. I can't believe I have to wait till Saturday. But it's okay. The longer things take, the better they are! [squeals]

Quote from Brick

Frankie: Okay, what's the current status of prom? Because if Cindy doesn't want to go, my hairdresser has a niece who will. She's slightly odd, she got kicked by a donkey. But it won't affect her dancing. Actually, it's hard to get her to stop dancing.
Brick: No need. After much negotiation, Cindy has agreed to go with me.
Frankie: Really? That's great! What made her change her mind?
Brick: An old pal o' mine named Bernie the Bookmark.
Frankie: Seriously?
Brick: Never bet against Bernie.
Frankie: Okay. Well, this is good. So you'll come over here, take pictures... Oh, you know what you should do? Invite your old social-skills group over and we'll host a pre-prom party. Oh, that'd be fun! You haven't seen them for a while. Prom is not just for the cool kids, you know. It's for everybody.
Brick: That statement could not be less true, but I admire your optimism.

Quote from Mike

Frankie: [sighs] Mike, you're not Frankensteining the old remote back to life. Just call it.
Mike: I'm not givin' up, Frankie. This is the best friend I ever had, I'm not letting it go.
Frankie: Nice to know where I stand.
Mike: You're a close third, second if you hold the light still. [Frankie groans] Come on, buddy, stay with me. Stay with me.

Quote from Brick

Frankie: [gasps] Here he is! Are you excited?
Brick: Yes. I'm right in the middle of the rising action, where the protagonist is experiencing great... [Frankie takes Brick's book]
Frankie: [sighs] How 'bout experiencing prom?

Quote from Cindy

Frankie: Cindy? Wow!
Cindy: Hello, Mrs. Heck. My mother says never go to someone's house empty-handed, so here. [hands Frankie tinned food]
Brick: Cindy, you look gorgeous.
Cindy: I wanted to wear my hat, but my mom said no. My ears are freezing.
Brick: Hm. Here's your flower in a box.
Frankie: Brick, you have to pin it on her.
Brick: Oh. Sorry.
[After Brick spends a few nervous seconds looking for a place on Cindy he can reach, he pins it to her belt]

Quote from Brick

Brick: Well, milady. My dead Aunt Edie's car awaits.

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