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Quote from Axl in Halloween VIII: Orson Murder Mystery

Axl: Hi, I'm Donny!
Lexie: And I'm Marie!
Axl: Welcome to the show! Tonight's guests are Ruth Buzzi... whoever that is... Paul Lynde... whoever that is... and Lassie!
Frankie: I'm surprised you even know who Donny & Marie are.
Lexie: Well, we were looking up famous couples for a costume, and we found them on YouTube. And I thought that Axl would make a pretty cute Donny.
Axl: And you're an even cuter Marie.
Lexie: Mm! [they kiss]
Frankie: Y-You do know they're brother and sister, right?
Axl: What? No, they're not. They got the same last name.
Mike: Yeah, 'cause they're brother and sister.
Lexie: But... we chose them because Sonny and Cher got divorced, and they stayed together.
Frankie: Because they're brother and sister.
Axl: Whatever, I don't care! [kisses Lexie on the cheek] We're out of here.

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