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Quote from Brad in The Waiting Game

Sue: So, h-how are you doing with the whole waiting thing? 'Cause I know that for some people, it's starting to get a little bit stressful.
Brad: Actually, I have some good news, but I wasn't gonna tell it if you're not in a place to hear it.
Sue: Oh, no, I'm in a place, a perfectly good place. Spill it.
Brad: Okay. I've decided, instead of going to college next year, I'm gonna do a year of service to my country.
Sue: You joined the army?
Brad: Oh, no. Although I always thought I'd look pretty cute in the costumes. I signed up for Americorps.
Sue: Oh, my God! That is so great! I love you. I love America. What could go better together than the two things I love?! What is Americorps?
Brad: It's kind of like the peace corps, but for America. Not sure what I'll be doing for them yet... Maybe teaching kids, maybe building houses. Hey, that could bring me and my dad closer. I'll ask him how a hammer works.

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