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Quote from Frankie in Valentine's Day VI

Mike: I think we're slicing too thin here. You just have to kind of... [gestures with hands] feel it.
Brick: [gestures with hands] W-what's this? What am I supposed to do with my hands?
Mike: Well, there's a lot of options for your hands, but you're a kid, so focus on the back/upper-shoulder area.
Frankie: Um, she's tall, Mike. That's not gonna work.
Brick: Oh, God, you're right. Cindy's got 2 feet on me easy.
Frankie: Don't worry, Brick. Look at your dad and me. There's a huge height difference, and we make it work. Here, we'll show you. Here. Come here. Okay, I'll be you, and your dad's Cindy.
Mike: I don't want to be Cindy. Why can't I just be a tall guy?
Frankie: 'Cause I'm the guy. All right, fine. No one's anyone. You're just some random tall person, and I'm a generic short person. Nothing weird, just two genderless strangers kissing in front of a boy.
Mike: Fine. [bends down]
Frankie: No, no, no, stop. I'm supposed to be the kisser. Okay, Brick, now, you want to pull Cindy to you, but you're gonna need something to grab onto. Oh! I know! She has that safari hat. So you can just grab the hat flaps. Okay, I'm gonna pretend your dad's ears are the hat flaps, okay? Mm? Then mmm. [they kiss] Mmm.

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