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Quote from Axl in Valentine's Day VI

Hutch: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Look, there's no question what we have is a deep and special relationship, but it's not "chocolate-covered strawberry" special. These are for my lady.
Axl: Really? Oh! I just thought you'd found a fun new way to eat fruit. I didn't know you were dating anyone.
Hutch: Hells yeah. I've been laying some serious groundwork with Macy from my history class... two dates and counting.
Axl: [laughs] And she's already got you doing stuff for Valentine's day. Sucka!
Hutch: Don't "sucka" me, sucka. You got a straight-up girlfriend. You're in deep on the 14th.
Axl: Nope. I am totally off the hook. Devin doesn't want to do anything.
Hutch: Yeah, right.
Axl: No, really. She told me if I got her anything, she'd punch me in my neck, and I like my neck.
Hutch: [sighs] Seriously, Axl, how long have you been a dude? There is no woman on earth who doesn't want something for Valentine's day. Me, I'm going all out... roses, a bracelet, then I'm cooking her dinner and making reservations at a nice restaurant.
Axl: Wait... you planned all that? You guys only went on two dates.
Hutch: [high-pitched] It's Valentine's day, son... [normal voice] the day upon which all men shall be judged.
Axl: Devin said she didn't want anything!
Hutch: You hearing this, Kenny? You hear what this guy's saying?

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