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Quote from Sue in Stormy Moon

Reverend TimTom: Sorry. Uh, rough day. So, what's on your mind?
Sue: Well, I guess you could say I have a big problem with... Ugh, what am I doing? No, I came here to say bad things about Reverend Tammy, and that is so mean of me. Her teen advice was spot on, and I just threw it back in her face.
Reverend TimTom: Oh, Sue. Don't be so hard on yourself. Feelings are complicated.
Sue: But I was praying you two would have a fight and that she would slink back to Grand Rapids, and now you two have had a fight, and you seem really upset.
Reverend TimTom: So, I take it you overheard our little tiff?
Sue: No, no. Yes.
Reverend TimTom: Sue, let me give you some advice.
Sue: No! Don't. I really, really, really want it, but I don't deserve it. I have been so selfish. If you were happy, I should be happy for you. Now you're unhappy, and it makes me unhappy. I am doubly unhappy. Oh, but I feel bad 'cause I don't want to make it about me being unhappy.

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